16-year-old Molested by Coach; Cops Arrested him and Recovered Videos of Explicit acts in Loganville

An arrest warrant says that Charles Moore was nabbed last Friday for sexually exploiting children that happened in December 2023.

The warrant says a 16-year-old girl said Moore filmed an explicit act with the child on his cell phone. Moore is on the U.S. All-Star Federation’s (USASF) restricted and ineligible list because of claims of misbehavior.

As the group says, the list is made to let the “broader sports community know about individuals that could pose a potential risk.”

Parents told us Moore had been coaching at Star Athletics in Winder since 2020 when he quit his job coaching the Atlanta Jayhawks cheer team.

“We had heard that he was doing bad things,” one mother, who didn’t want to be named for fear of her safety, said. “We just heard that he is creepy.”

She said, “We looked at it briefly because so many of her friends had gone there, but the no-parent viewing area was a no for me.” People then asked her if she ever thought about sending her daughter to Star Athletics.

It’s hard because there aren’t many cheerleading clubs. “It’s not like baseball, where you can just switch teams, so I think as a parent you just have to be very careful,” the mother said.

Up until January 2023, the Walton County School District says he was also a community cheer coach for the Walnut Grove High School cheer team.

The Loganville Police Department wants people who were hurt by a Walton County youth cheer coach to come forward. Anyone who may have been hurt by Moore is asked to call the police at (770) 466-8087.

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