14-year-old Smelled like Meth in School, Mother Arrested for Drug Exposure in Texas

Abilene, TX: A mother from Abilene was taken into custody when her child arrived at school with the scent of methamphetamine and tested positive for the substance.

Vecy Carpenter has been arrested on a charge of Endangering a Child in relation to the accusations.

A child under the age of 15 arrived at school in February with a strong odor, leading school officials to contact Child Protective Services, according to court documents.

According to these officials, Carpenter had a strong odor resembling methamphetamine.

Both the child and Carpenter underwent meth testing in March, with the results indicating positive for both.

According to police records, Carpenter confessed to authorities that she had exposed the child in her vehicle while transporting him and admitted to using methamphetamine in the home where he lived.

Carpenter was released from jail after posting a $10,000 bond.