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Zombieland 3

Taking out guns and proceeding towards zombies is quite a fascinating scenario right now for the youngsters. After facing the pandemic, they are talking on this topic.

Whenever we think of zombie apocalypse, Zombieland comes to our mind. It’s been three years that we watched Wichita, Tallahassee, Columbus, and Little Rock together. People are already waiting and excited for Zombieland 3.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

Ruben Fleischer is the director of post-apocalyptic zombie comedy films.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are the writers of Zombieland that got released on 2nd October 2009. The second part of the movie is also written by David Callaham that got released on 18th October 2019.

Gavin Polone is the producer of the American film.

Zombieland 3

What Is The Plotline Of The Movie Zombieland?

The plot of the series revolves around the made zombie disease that originated from mad person disease. The genes of the mad cow disease mutated and gave rise to mad person disease. The epidemic that has overtaken the United States turned many Americans into zombies. Getting attached to other survivors knowing that they could any time was not advisable. So, the survivors changed their names based on their city of origin. The story revolves around the four main characters, Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock. They either kill the zombies for revenge or paving the path for reaching their families in other towns or cities.

In the second part of the movie, the protagonists are still alive and fighting the zombies. They still live in their previous location, called the White House. Columbus was all set to propose Wichita. Some new survivors add to the group too. However, in the end, the sole four members of the group survive.

The plotline of the third part has not been revealed yet. The makers are also not sure about the location right now. Woody once decided to shoot the film on an island while shooting in Atlanta. They also decided to shoot the film in Fiji. However, the location will be confirmed for the audience when the shoot will start.

The Release Date: When Will The Third Part Of Zombieland Come To The Theatres?

The existence of Zombieland 3 has not been confirmed yet. However, Zombieland Double Tap got released a whole decade after Zombieland. The idea of bringing the third part to the audience has been tossed now. Emma revealed that she would be very lucky to work in the franchise in the future. However, Ruben clarified that she meant that it would be fun if they keep working on the new parts after every ten years. Woody is the healthiest person and will outlive each character on the set, so it will be fun working every ten years till the end of the time.

If Zombieland will follow the previous lead, then fans should expect the movie in a long time. It is a very long time.

Zombieland 3

What Are The Names Of The Characters Involved In The Third Part Of Zombieland?

First, we will discuss the characters of the last part of the series.

  • Tallahassee, played by Woody Harrelson, is the protagonist of the movie and an expert zombie killer. He has a cowboy look and wears a hat to hide his baldness. He has a special hatred for zombies in his heart due to the death of his dog by zombies and thus kills them in all possible creative ways. He is also an expert in martial arts.
  • Columbus, played by Jesse Eisenberg, is one of the protagonists and the narrator of the series. He is nerdy and careful but also possesses the skills to survive in the Zombieland. He is also the peacemaker of the group and expresses his emotions very well.
  • Wichita, played by Emma Stone, is the elder sister of Little Rock and the love interest of Columbus. She is the only one to reveal her true name, which is Krista. She is quite attractive and as clever as Columbus. However, she wasted most of her time cheating men for money before the apocalypse.
  • Little Rock, played by Abigail Breslin, is the younger sister of Krista and is quite cunning. However, after meeting Columbus and Tallahassee, she grew more respectful to others.
  • Nevada, played by Rosario Dawson, is a woman in her early 40s and the love interest of Tallahassee. She takes out her guns whenever she feels a threat around and also senses loyalty.
  • Madison, played by Zoey Deutch, is a secondary character in the series and the love interest of Columbus. She possesses childish enthusiasm in everything she does and rarely understands the sarcasm of Wichita and Tallahassee.

The other characters in the movie are as follows:

  • Albuquerque’s role played by Luke Wilson
  • Berkeley’s role played by Avan Jogia
  • Flagstaff’s role played by Thomas Middleditch
  • Talking about the third part, we are not sure who will return, but the main characters, Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock, will surely return.

Zombieland 3

What Are The Ratings Of The Movie Zombieland?

Both the parts of the movie received an average score from Critics. The critics mentioned that the second part of the movie displayed the epic reunion of the original characters. The reunion added fun twists to the movie. Zombieland Double Tap scored 69% on Tomatometer, based on 251 reviews. The audience score of the second part is 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on more than 10,000 verified ratings.

Zombieland has a rating of 7.6 on IMDb, whereas Zombieland Double Tap has a rating of 6.7 out of 10.

Where Can We Watch The Movie Zombieland Double Tap?

There are many websites available over the internet where you can stream the movie. Some of them are mentioned here. The most famous one is Netflix but only available in selected regions.

You can buy the movie from Amazon Prime, iTunes, Sony Pictures, and Google Play.

Beginners can start their free trial on Hulu to watch it. It is also available on Starz.


Ten Years! It is a big-time span. The last part got released in 2019; we can expect the next part by 2029. However, three years are already passed, seven more to go.

We will let you know when the announcement about the movie will be made. Until then, keep watching Zombieland!


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