Zavvi Launches Mario Kart Racing Merch Range read here


UK online firm Zavvi has been occupied this year providing various officially licensed Nintendo stuff for Super Mario, Legend of Zelda and more recently Luigi’s Mansion.

But presently the design boffins have released a new range for Mario Kart dubbed Mario Kart Racing.


“The Mario Kart Racing range gets in placements and graphic elements inspired by famous, skate, BMX and surf brands,” declared the company, “The range is formulated up of designs with bold logo work, clear minimal color pallets, contrast typography, and traditional line art graphics.

These complementary elements come together within a different fashion range that celebrates the unmistakable Mario Kart character aesthetic.

The 25-piece range includes t-shirts, long sleeves, sweats, hoodies, caps, and mugs featuring designs from through the iconic Mario Kart franchise, involving cult-favorite characters like Lakitu, Koopa Troopa and Yoshi.

” They also have extra limited edition metal number plates ( with only 100 designs).

The range was released on, Sunday 24th November and will be on sale for seven days only, maybe never to be seen again. There is also a countdown timer on the website.

We don’t know why would they like to limit something like this, but then we do know that Nintendo can be hysterical with their merchandise.

All this looks like a part of Nintendo’s attempt for marketing and making use of its characters for branding. This includes a dedicated store in Japan and even a theme park.

Well, the weekend is coming and time is running out. Will you be picking anything up? Do let us know in the comments.