Zack Snyder is superior of his Justice League


Oh, Snyder Meanwhile, fans surrounding Justice League mythical director Zack Snyder (the movie, which should be put off until the end, Joss Whedon) began their lives. But when some of us had gifts and kicks during the Christmas holidays, Snyder was busy on social networks, telling fans interesting news about the film and even revealing its unprecedented image.

From the famous black and white teaser photos of fans, scenes featuring Bruce Wayne Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill’s Superman (possibly in an interview with Arthur Curry from Jason Momoa, also known as Aquaman) and Ray Fisher cyborg. Fans of the judge posted on Twitter Sneijder, who shared a new entry on the Vero platform.

Justice League

The most interesting thing about the Snyder update is the discovery that Hal Lan Jordan’s Green Lantern (and maybe if we get the version) will be talking in Snyder’s pocket – don’t worry too much about the details. Snyder got angry in one form or another but made Jordan (also called the Green Lantern) look like I was somewhere in the film (or at least call him), but unfortunately did not reveal where he was.

Justice League

At the very least, we can be sure that retrieving the Whedon end product will not affect the Snyder piece. Snyder tells fans that he has never seen a version of Whedon. This is what I saw in the movie. Snyder explained that there are “many reasons.” Snyder said he had heard enough fans so that he could live on his ideas about what the film looked like and move away from justice in a theatrical version of the justice league.

Divided into several (especially between critics and hardcore DC fans), either what the Justice League fans learned, or what Snyder waited for the film to turn into an idea of ​​the final form, was patience. With several movie stars participating in the hype until last month, we are all in the same boat as we continue to watch Snyder Cut.
We are also very curious about the noise.



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