Zack Snyder Has Offered The Aquaman Role To Donnie Yen Which He Refused


It is a dream come true for many stars in Hollywood to act as a superhero. Refusing such offers is so hard to take if it, in turn, goes to be a massive hit. It would be worse when their sacrifice doesn’t match for their success and recognition they get. This is the story of Donnie Yen refusing the role proposed by Zack Snyder.

His rejection :

Donnie Yen is famous for his role in the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Donnie Yen is currently busy promoting his much-delayed film Mulan. So while attending the interview, he was asked a question whether he would like to play as a superhero. Listening to the question, Donnie Yen felt that it is the right time to tell his story of refusing the character offered by Zack Snyder.


For his excellent acting skills, Zack Snyder, a famous Hollywood producer has approached the actor Donnie Yen to offer him a role in Aquaman. As he was already scheduled for the shooting of another movie, Donnie Yen has refused the role. He has said that he is still in talks and would to work now in the upcoming movie. With this, the discussion is ended. But the major question mark that is left in everyone’s mind what was the possible character that Zack Snyder is offering to Donnie Yen.

The possible character maybe :

After the release of Aquaman, fans have checked out that the possible character that Zack Synder would have offered to Donnie Yen is the character of Vulko. Later James Want took Willem Dafoe for the role of Vulko in the movie. Currently, the sequel of the Aquaman is in cards due to the immense success of Aquaman. So it would be a great addition to bag in Donnie Yen for the Aquaman 2 as he brings in a great acting composure to the character. As the casting is not yet fixed there is a great chance to bag in Donnie Yen for the character of Vulko in the second part of Aquaman. The Aquaman is scheduled to hit theatres on December 16 of 2022. So drawing out some conclusions could be so early. All must wait till any official update comes from the movie team.


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