Young Royals Season 2 Is Officially Confirmed by Netflix!

Teenage dramas are already getting popular but what happens when such dramas got the royal flavors on them? It’s been quite a while ever since we have seen something different on the Screen. While the audience is already gathering their courage to try different dreams online, we have figured out that they always love to experiment with things, If you are someone who is continuously updated with Netflix’s shows then Young Royals would be one of those shows that you must have noticed by far now. 

The first season of this melodrama teenage series got its debut on 1 July. the show sparks within a few days of its release and created a buzz on the internet. While everyone was wondering about this series and binge-watching it on Netflix, there is the majority of fans who were wanted to have an update about Young Royals Season 2.


The show gained massive success all around the world and many people thought that it is a mix of Netflix’s Elite and The Crown series. I don’t know how much this statement is true but I know one thing and that is Young Royals is an amazing show that will excite you for sure.

 The first season ended on a cliffhanger and the viewers fare deliberately waiting to hear what happens with prince Williams and his high school crush. Some things remained to talk and that’s the reason why the audience is so much into the Second season. Continue reading the article and find out of there will be Young Royals Season 2 or not? Also, Check out all the latest information about this series. 

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Young Royals Season 2 Is Officially Confirmed by Netflix!

Young Royals Season 2

Earlier, the fans have been speculating about the future of the series. While many fans have been wondering about the potential future of the show, many have already predicted that Young Royals Season 2 will happen. 

The first season follows Prince Wilhelm and his kingdom. His experience as the new prince of the palace seemed to be enjoyed by the fans. Another thing that attracts the audience is his love interest. 

Moreover, the first season of Young Royals was ending on a cliffhanger, making everyone wonder about what could happen in the second season. We have already seen that Netflix has always been up with their popular series and with shows like Young Royals who gained immediate success, there was no uncertainty on it. 

Netflix officially renewed Young Royals for its second season. The officials broke the news on Instagram by posting the image of the cast and revealing that their show is indeed coming back for another Season. 

Fans are delighted to hear the news since they were waiting for this for such a long time. As it is already renewed, there are questions about its release date.

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Young Royals Season 2: When is it going to Premiere on Netflix? 

Young Royals Season 2 release date

The first season of Young Royals was released on 1 July 2021. Fans were already waiting for the officials to release the statement to predict the future of the series but it was too early to talk about the renewal. Earlier, the fans were missing a major part of the show.

Anyone who is a big-time watcher of Netflix has already seen Young Royals in their top category. The series has maintained its position on the list for quite a while. Now, the second season is already confirmed. 

Young Royals Season 2 is officially renewed to return on Netflix. The officials have not yet revealed the potential release date for the show. The first season was released in 2021 and if everything goes fine, the show will deliver its second season in 2022. 

There are speculations that the writer has already up with the script and the production has started. If this is so then no one can stop the shop to release in 2022. We are still looking at the official sources and once everything gets sorted we’ll update you soon.

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Young Royals Season 2 Cast: Who will be back?

Young Royals Season 2 Cast

There won’t be the show without the involvement of the main protagonist in the show. If there would be Young Royals Season 2, it would be going to bring back Edvin Rydingfor his epic role of Prince Wilhelm. Her character would be joined by the other roles that include, Simon (Omar Rudberg), August (Malte Gårdinger), Sara (Frida Argento), Felice (Nikita Uggla), Queen Kristina of Sweden (Pernilla August), Madison (Nathalie Varli), and Linda (Carmen Gloria Pérez)

Ryding recently spoke in Numero and revealed that there are things that remained unclear, He said, “There are certain things why we can relate to these characters,”

He further added,  “I can see myself in Wilhelms when it comes to his struggles with anxiety. I have done my research about the royal families but there’s so much more behind it that we, as civilians, don’t get to know. So we’ll never know exactly what it’s like. From what I’ve read and what I’ve seen, I know I don’t think I would want to be a young royal.”

Moreover, Rudberg  also talks about his character and said, “It would be fun to try it out for a day or a week, but not forever,” 

They further talk, “Edvin tried to be a prince on set sometimes though. I can relate a lot to Simon. Whenever he’s at school, with friends, but also when he comes home to his Latin American mother and they speak Spanish. They have this same little connection. Life at school is not the easiest thing for him and that way I see myself in Simon. I cannot relate to his grades though.”

Also, Ivar Forsling, who played the role of Crown Prince Erik will not return. In the first season, we saw that the character was dead, and with this, we believe that there won’t be him in the second season, However, if the officials demand, we might see his glimpse on the flashback scenes.

Young Royals Season 2 Plot: What will be the Story About?

Young Royals Season 2

In the last season, we saw that August went out of her zone by leaking the sex tape of  Wilhelm and Simon. With this, both of the couples unravel their relationship and it creates a lot of chaos in the show. As the series continues we see that Wilhelm somehow gets to make them believe that he was not involved in all these things just for the cause of his family. To do this, he double-crosses with Simon which ultimately hurts him badly. 

But as the series came to the final, we see that both the couple tried to make up their relationship but in secret., Wilhelm asks Simon to be in a Secret relationship so that he can date is privately and at the same time also continues his relationship.
In the finale, we see that both of them follow their relationship secretly and at the same time he manages his duty but what happens with their relationship? We know that there are a lot of things to address and this will seriously going to affect them badly.

Final Words

Young Royal, an exclusive series of Netflix has finally renewed its show for its second season. The show has officially informed its fans about its second season. With so much going around, will you think that Wilhelm and Simon will be able to live their relationship Secretly? The first season includes 6 episodes and now the fans are glaring at the series to deliver more episodes. 

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