Young Justice season 4: Major Updates Revealed By The Producer.

Young Justice season 4 Major Updates Revealed By The Producer.

An American animated television series – Young Justice’s producer Greg Weisman revealed various updates regarding the production of the upcoming Young Justice season 4.

There had been minimal or barely any news regarding its future, after the release of the finale of season 3 back in August 2019. But now the fans will be delighted as the details regarding season 4 have started to come in.

Major updates on Season 4 of Young Justice season 4

* The title of the fourth season of Young Justice: PHANTOMS.
* Greg Weisman, co-producer and co-developer of the series confirmed that scripts for 23 episodes have been completed so far.
* He also responded that 24 scripts are done by now and that the voice recording process is in progress in a fan inquiry on Twitter.
* He also confirmed that 20 episodes have been fully recorded and partially recorded 3 more.

As an animated show, Young Justice is not confronted with similar hurdles as other DC TV shows. Weisman shared that the transition of working at home, be it regarding pre-production, scriptwriting, design work, or the storyboard was indeed successful. But nevertheless, the actual plan regarding the animation process has not been revealed yet.

Young Justice season 4

Initially, the first season which was debuted in 2010, and the second season of Young Justice: Invasion was broadcasted in Cartoon Network in 2012.

But upon the cancellation by the prior broadcasting network, it was bought back by DC Universe streaming service. And the third season was finally released in 2019.

Now, the fourth season has been ensured to be in progress since July 2019 by the DC universe. On September 18, few days after the disclosure of the title of the upcoming season, it was announced that the show will be moving to HBO Max due to the transfer of the remaining original programs of DC Universe to the new channel.

The fourth season of Young Justice: Phantom’s premiere date is not decided yet but it will definitely stream on HBO Max soon.