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Young Justice Season 4: Major changes in the production sequence updated.

Young Justice Season 4 Major changes in the production sequence updated.

Young Justice is an animated American series created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti for the Cartoon Network. Despite sharing a similar title with that of Peter David, Todd Dezago, and Todd Nauck’s comic series; it’s not a direct adaptation of the same. However, it focuses on superheroes, both young- adults and teenage ones.

The series depicts the lives of several teenage superheroes along with their sidekicks, who are the members of a fictional undercover operational group called as “the team”. It is the younger version of the Justice League.

This series has a total of three seasons and the fourth season going to be available soon for the fans. The first season premiered on 26th November 2010. While in Canada, Young Justice released on 9th September 2011 on the Teletoon platform.

The 2nd Season aka Invasion, premiered on 28th April 2012, while the third season aka Outsiders, premiered on 4th January 2019. With a total of 72 episodes, the series enjoys a humongous fan base.

Since Season3’s finale in August 2019, fans are expecting a fourth season. But news regarding the same is very scarce. However, we have good news for you all, The official site has given an update regarding some changes in the production. Continue reading to know about the recent updates.

Additional Information for Young Justice

At the San- Diego Comic-Con, on 20th July 2019, Weisman and Vietti announced the renewal of the series for a fourth season. However, on 12th September 2020, the declaration of the 4th season’s title occurred, which is ” Young Justice: Phantoms”.

Additionally, the DC Fandom produced an audio clip about the events taking place between the third and the fourth season called the Prize. Also, on 18th September 2020, Young Justice’s viewing platform was changed to HBO Max.

Updates on Production Of The Show

Co-developer, as well as co-producer Greg Weisman, confirmed that the script for 24 episodes is now complete.

A fan inquired on Twitter regarding some updates for this famous animated series, to which he replied that the voice recording is under process and 24 scripts are almost ready.

He also mentioned the completion of 20 episodes, with three episodes partially complete.

As it is an animated show, Young Justice doesn’t face the same constraints as that of other DC shows. Amidst this current chaotic pandemic situation, where work from home is the only option, Weisman has successfully transitioned the entire production.

According to him, be it pre-production, storyboards, design work, or scriptwriting, everything is going on smoothly. However, his actual strategy for the animation process is still under the wraps.

But despite the struggle in the current situation, the entire team is working actively to deliver an intriguing and fascinating 4th season to the fans soon.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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