You Season 3 Expected Cast, Plot, Release Date and Latest details

You Season 3

In 2018 Netflix came up with a show called You which served as a cure for thriller fans. , fans were startled by the casts that came along the two seasons despite the show being binge-worthy. 

The show was watched by approximately 45 million viewers after it was released in 2018. It was not a surprise for several fans as the show got renewed for its second season which came out in 2019, and it had been filled with a lot of casts.

The fans of the show were quite inquisitive to know whether the show will be renewed for another installment or not. The You season 3 was awarded greenlit in January 2020. The part which no one knows is its release date and storyline.

The Cast of season 3

The cast of the third season includes Forty Quinn played by James Scully, Will Bettelheim, played by Robin Lord Taylor back joe stole whose identity. 

We might even see Love’s buddy back Lucy (Marielle Scott), Sunrise (Melanie Field), and Gabe (Charlie Barnett). You are incomplete without Joe. 

You Season 3

At the end of the second season, we found Joe and Love were moving in together. A safe assumption that can be made is that we will see Penn Badgley as Victoria Pedretti and Joe Goldberg as Love Quinn.

The narrative of Jenna Ortega, who played with the role of Ellie Alves has been left open-ended. So there might be a return for her character in the third installment. Her story carries a lot of potentials.

In the second season, some characters have fulfilled their story so there is a chance that they might not be seen in the upcoming season of the series. 

These characters include Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) and Candace (Ambyr Childers) as Appreciate murdered both of them.

Release Date

There are no statements made aside from the release and renewal season in 2021 for the year as per this moment. The series might return for the second season in 2021.