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You Season 2: What Happens in the End?


In the principal season of “You,” we see Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) put his focus on Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). Go above and beyond to get her to succumb to him — from following to controlling to killing her ex. Eventually, Joe’s psychopathic propensities defeat their relationship. Bringing about a few passings including, at last, Becks. In You Season 2, Joe has moved from New York to Los Angeles to get away from the repercussions of Beck’s death. His other ex, Candace (Ambyr Childers), who is hoping to uncover Joe’s risky ways.

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Before the finish of the series, and a few passings later, Joe has still not confronted ramifications for the things he’s done. However, his real essence has been discovered by his new love interest, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). However, notwithstanding being as appalled by Joe’s real essence as Beck was. Love is similarly as in love with Joe as anyone might imagine — if not more so. Truth be told, at the completion of You Season 2, we discover that Love is concealing many privileged insights of her own.

Joe has Met his Match in Love in You Season 2

After an LSD trip in a past episode, Joe figures he might have killed his neighbor Delilah (Carmela Zumbado). To whom Joe had caught in his storm cellar vault when she began getting on to him. In any case, toward the start of the series finale, Love uncovers to Joe that she killed Delilah to save him and their relationship. On the off chance that this sounds like something Joe would do, that is on the grounds that it is. For reasons unknown, the lovers share much more for all intents and purpose than Joe figured it out.

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Love describes the occasions of the season according to her viewpoint, which additionally incorporates the homicide of Candace. Mainly she and Joe are, all things considered, just like twins. She, as well, has gone through similar lengths we saw Joe go through in You Season 1 to start a relationship with Joe, after first seeing and focusing on him. She’s concentrated on his past, she’s employed a private specialist to follow him, and she has even killed for him.

You Season 2 Slogan ‘Meet Your Match’

In spite of the clues being there —, for example, the You Season 2 slogan, “Meet your match,” uncovering looking back that Joe’s new love interest is his match in more than one manner — Love’s real essence is as yet amazing. More than anything, Love was the one doing all of the seekings after as Joe attempted to keep down. After Love describes the occasions, it turns out to be clear precisely the amount she reflects Joe.

At the point when Joe draws back from Love’s disclosures, she pulls out her last amazement to get him to remain with her: She’s pregnant. We don’t know without a doubt if Love attempted to get pregnant deliberately to keep Joe in the relationship. Yet in view of all that we do know, it doesn’t appear to be excessively far-got.

To be sure, in case it was plausible, and arranged pregnancy would fit flawlessly inside Joe’s playbook. And keep in mind that Joe relaxes toward Love subsequent to finding out about the child. The way that he pulled back at everything is recounting their one key contrast.

Joe needs to deny his psychopathic nature

When Love looks into Joe’s past murders, she turns out to be more drawn to him since she considers them to be something very similar. In the wake of admitting to killing Delilah, Love sorrowfully reveals to Joe that both of them are “perfect partners.” She additionally clarifies that she sees nothing off about doing what’s vital, including murder, to “secure” the ones you love.

With Joe’s portrayal, the crowd knows precisely Joe’s opinion as he acts. Thus we’ve seen Joe, over and over, deny his real essence by persuading himself he was basically driven into a corner when he killed Peach or Beck or Henderson, etc. At the point when he pulls back with dismay from Love upon her affirmations. Mainly Joe searches for love as an approach to fail to remember what his identity is.

To begin with, he arrived on Beck, a lady he saw as great and unadulterated. To demonstrate that he, as well, should be acceptable if Beck decided to love him. Then, at that point, it began once more with Love, who he likewise saw as unadulterated and blameless. At the point when she turns out not to be acceptable. He becomes alarmed — not of Love, for sure she is able to do, yet of what it says about him.

Were it not intended for their child, Joe would’ve passed on Love as an approach to continue to deny his real essence. Be that as it may, in needing to ensure his future kid, he concludes he should remain with the mother of his child. In the last snapshots of the You Season 2, we see Joe and Love, presently considerably more pregnant, moving into another house and subsiding into a long-lasting coexistence.

About The Ending

But, not long before the episode closes, something or, rather, somebody grabs Joe’s attention. Looking through the fence, Joe’s look and musings land on his new “you.” He has become quickly charmed by a lady he doesn’t have the foggiest idea once more, this time his new neighbor.

This further demonstrates that Joe is as yet searching for somebody great to love him so he can discover reclamation in himself. All things considered, he’ll never discover it, as his actual self will consistently disrupt everything. He’ll keep on attempting, at any rate, through the third season of “You.”

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