‘You’ Season 2 Makes the Audience Curious.


Lately ‘You’ has been releasing pictures from its upcoming season 2. And looking back to season 1 reminds me how curious the first lot of episodes were.

You Season 2



Based on Caroline Kepnes’ book, the cast of ‘You’ like Penn Badgley as Joe, the most psycho and obsessed man who simply kills people for his love. Coming to Elizabeth Lail as Beck, the love of Joe’s life, and Shay Mitchell as Peach, who was Beck’s best friend and also came out to be obsessed with her. Joe can do anything for his love and kills the one who comes in his way.

At the end of the Season 1 the series we had a glimpse of Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace which we generally thought was dead by Joe, but no. And that’s where season 1 came to an end leaving the viewers so much curious. In season 2 Joe moves to Los Angles and there where is gonna meet this girl named Love Quinn. Where she is portrayed as an aspiring chef working for the high-end grocery store as a produce manager.

‘You’ 2 season is all about Candace’s past story and Joe’s and Candace relationship. Here Joe is not out there looking for love in season 2. He is deeply heartbroken by the things happened in season 1 and more of what Love offers is a different kind of friendship and relationship.