You Get 15 New Netflix Treats For Binge This Weekend – Worth Watching Here


It is hard to think of more than one packed Netflix premiere week.

Tiffany Haddish‘s first Netflix stand-up special made its debut on Tuesday. Yesterday, on 5 December, the streaming service’s Christmas film was crowned to welcome the Christmas prince and The Royal Baby! – and its Ian Somerlander vampire Show debut.


No, not The Vampire Diaries. We’re all talking about the new V Wars, well, about Vampire Wars.

Today is definitely a big day on Netflix. Nova Bambach’s Marriage Story was unveiled on Friday, December 6 at the Internet Giants’ other major awards season draw.

Sketch Series Astronomy Club, the beginning of the end of Fuller House, tons of foreign holiday material, and more, many more premieres as well.
We told you that it was very heavy.

We’re here to help. All these new Netflix offerings are broken up by plot, genre, and whether you should watch something immediately or leave it for now. Read on for all these Netflix treats, including their trailers.

Marriage Story

What’s this ?: Netflix’s second big fodder for the Oscars.

What is it about ?: The story of a wedding, as the name suggests. Or, specifically, the story of the dissolution of that marriage. The Marriage Story features Scarlett Johansson as Adam Driver and Charlie and Nicole, two people who were once in love.

Now, as a parent, consider dealing with and considering all the painful changes that come with it.

Unlike other divorced films, the film had a split scene of not seeing both sides. This means that the 136-minute runtime of the Marriage Story is double due to shedding tears.

View or Skip ?: See. Not only is Marriage Story Gripping and an Instant Awards season darling, but it also gives its women more than seven lines.