Yona the Dawn 2 Release Date: Is This is Getting Renewal By Makers This Year!

Updated 31 January 2022

I have always wondered why people are so excited about anime so much? My friends, Who don’t even open their books to study for the final year of their school, watch anime for long-long nights. I always get annoyed with them talking about how Naruto is so amazing or how they want a death note in their end and how the one Punch is one of the best shows ever created. While I have never really watched these animated cartoons and never knew why all this hype created. One day I finally decided to watch the anime series. And then I remembered the ongoing trend. 


“Is it drugs”

“Is it better than Drugs Jeremy!” 

Over the last 3 years, I have finished literally every anime series that has ever been created. I never cared about popularity and I just watched the one I like and If I don’t I stopped watching in the midterms. Days went by and nights longed and Now I am here, writing about the anime series. 

Today, I will be going to review the Japanese anime Yona the Dawn or Akatsuki no Yona. The show has released its first series and now there has been news about the second. Fans are eagerly waiting for the series will be renewed for a second installment or not. If you are a fan. Then stay till the end. 

Yona the Dawn – What is it?

The Japanese anime series was first created first on 7 October 2014 after being inspired by its manga version. The manga series was normally very popular ten years back and now they are created into webtoon and online manga. 

Mostly, every popular manga has fated to get converted into an anime series one day and the same thing happens with this one-two. 

 Yona the Dawn was written by Mizuho Kusanagi and he was the one to illustrate it two. The manga series has recently finished its 35 Volumes but the anime only got one season. 

The story of this show revolves around Yona who is a passionate, creative and strong young girl who has a passion in her eyes. The girl discovered a lot of truths while living in the kingdom. She decided to get into the roots of the cause and save her kingdom at any cost. 

Many people get wrong by thinking that this show is more like a high school theme or a girl crush theme but in reality, it is more than that. The show will turn your imagination into reality and you will get to see the things which you haven’t thought of. 

Many people are reacting and watching the show lately and that’s how the demand for season 2 starts. Will it ever happen? Well, in the next section we will look at this topic closely. 

Yona the Dawn 2 – Is It Confirmed?

Yona the Dawn 2

After this show finished airing on March 24, 2015, people started to speculate whether the series will recreate its character. The demand for season 2 started to arise and the studio wasn’t saying anything. The show has crossed 6 years now and the series hasn’t confirmed season 2 after all these years. Now, the audience has also left hope and they are transferred to another anime series. 

The studio has never really canceled the series in general but 6 years is a long time. The studio has everything in its hands. They got the storyline and script from the manga series which has successfully launched 35 volumes. 

So far, there isn’t anything official about the second season that will make me sure if it will happen or not. I think there will not be any season for this year and the next too. 

Additionally, if anything happens regarding this anime in the near future, I’ll let you guys know through this article. Keep this as a bookmark to help yourself in the future. 

Yona the Dawn 2 – What Will Be the Storyline?

Yona the dawn

The story of Yona the dawn is based on Yona, who is a passionate and inquisitive girl. In the first season, we have seen how this girl has succeeded in processing her task with the help of her companion. Thinking of season 2, I think that Yona will definitely get on the track to her realm of kouka. There, she will be a nemesis and will definitely get back stronger. 

Furthermore, we will also see some other characters getting more accomplishments in the series. The series will definitely take its story from the light novel as it is based on it. Regarding the plot, there is nothing more available so far now. The official hasn’t revealed anything so far. 

The audience of this anime series seems to forget this series and get its luck more on other anime series. I still hope that the remaining fans might be able to see the second installment of this series soon.

Yona the Dawn 2 – When Is It Going to Release?

Yona the dawn updates

The first season of Yona The Dawn was released on 7 October 2014 and ended on 24 March 2015 respectively. The show, which also gained popularity because of its amazing and motivating quotes. Many people will agree with this that this anime series delivers some of the best quotes that are so soothing to listen to. 

According to Looper, The less likely an anime is to be renewed the longer it goes without one. Fans should give up hope if a renewal isn’t come by 2021 or 2022, according to TV Season & Spoilers, who made the statement over a year ago. In the improbable event that the programme gets resurrected this week, it will still take at least a year before it can be shown again on TV. Unfortunately, it appears that we are running out of time.

Moreover, the audience was asking for the second series and they have also released an online petition that has been signed by 37 k+ people so far now. If you are also a fan of Yona the Dawn And want the second series then I’ll mention it below. 

Yona the Dawn 2 – Is There Any Official Trailer?

Being a fan you must be wondering about the official trailer of Yona the Dawn 2 but sadly the creators are not attentive enough to release any for us. Well, we can’t have the second season but till any further notice let’s watch the official trailer of the first season to reinvigorate the old memories. 

What Are the Ratings of This Show?

At last, let’s talk about the record of this anime and its performance over the years. The show has been receiving positive feedback from people over the past years. Starting with IMDb ratings which are 8.1/10 in number. MyAnimelist has rated the show with an 8/10 rating. 

The fanbase of this anime is also constantly signing petitions and asking for season 2 for the past years but they are tired. There isn’t any further information about the series and its release date. 


Yona the Dawn is an anime series that has been based on a manga series that shares the same name. The show is an underrated yet popular series among anime lovers. The amazing dialogues and mind-changing thoughts make the show super exciting to watch. 

Currently, the show is waiting for its second season and the officials haven’t released any statement. The show hasn’t been confirmed nor canceled. It’s like a 50-50 situation and anything can happen with it. 

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