Yeezy Pays $1M Lawsuit With L.A. Customers for Slow Shipment

Yeezy pays $1M lawsuit for delayed shipping without notice

Ye’s Apparel Pays $1M Lawsuit for Slow-Shipping

In a legal deal with four California district attorneys, Ye’s apparel firms stand liable to pay a $1M lawsuit for slow-shipping of products without notice.

Following a complaint of improper business activities, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office held Yeezy Apparel LLC and Yeezy LLC liable to pay.


As a result, the entire amount of civil penalties, indirect restitution, and investigative fees came to around $950,000.

The firms did not send orders out to their clients in a timely way, according to the lawsuit filed on Oct. 22, 2021.

According to California law, a “timely manner” for internet purchases includes up to 30 days after making the transaction.

Exemptions include if the company discloses a delayed shipment time notice that includes the option of receiving a refund.

“No one wants to WAIT FOR AN internet purchase for an extended period of time.”

“The law requires merchants to give consumer things within a reasonable period, which by default is no more than 30 days,” said District Attorney O’Malley.

“If businesses do not respect the law, my office will take action to guarantee that they do.”

What About the Ordered Products From Yeezy?

The case included district attorneys from Napa, Sonoma, and Los Angeles counties.

The firms are also forbidden from making false or misleading claims concerning shipping times.

Based on the Yeezy website, regular delivery should take up to eight days, including three days for processing and five for shipment.

According to O’Malley, Yeezy and Yeezy Apparel did not confess they did anything improper while helping with the inquiry.

Yeezy will refund its customers should they fail to dispatch items on time in the future, according to the lawsuit.

Musician Ye, then known as Kanye West, launched the business in 2015.

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