Yakuza: Like a Dragon Gets a New Gameplay Trailer


The release of Sega’s next Yakuza game called Yakuza: Like a Dragon Now (if you’re in Japan) recently released a new gameplay trailer to show the game ahead of its recent launch. This gameplay trailer is in Japanese, but even though you are not fluent, you can see some differences in new heroes and fighting styles such as the Dragon and previous Yakuza games.

“Ichiban Kasuga” fights like an upstairs dragon trailer as he and his companions face special attacks from their enemies. He joins several supporting characters who have been introduced before and have specific abilities of their genres such as people who smoke or relax to restore some health.


Turn-based RPG combat is probably the biggest difference between Dragon and the previous Yakuza game, although the new game still has many of the series’ features. The game did not find a place in Kamuracho, as previous Yakuza games did, but you’ll still find similar activities such as time to throw darts and other mini-games, or some extra cash to make your main story. To play To earn.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Even with the turn-based Combat replacing the street disputes of previous games, the gameplay trailer fights make it clear that the game is keeping its dramatic and over-the-top visuals, giving you more than any other tuberculosis game. Giving more than. Gives more than. Meets in

When Dragon was officially announced back in September, it was originally referred to as Jacob 7. This is the first mainline game in the series after the Judgment spin-off, which took place in Kamuro, But some players controlled a different hero.

“Yakuza: The Yakuza Like The Dragon is so fairly more than a maiden fragment in the linkage. Like the new English title. Yakuza: Like the Dragon is a complete reunion of the franchise, a landmark that coincides with the series’ 15th anniversary. Not only that but will also explore Jacob: Dragon’s battle system. Yakuza has made a major change with the combat system in combination with the established fighting system.”

Yakuza: As Dragon is set to release in Japan on January 16 for the PlayStation 4, which will be released sometime in 2020.