Xiaomi Announces 100W Wired Fast Charging Tech That Refills a 4000mAh Battery in 17 Minutes in your opinion

Oppo, OnePlus, and Vivo have been on top in regards to charging. They conquer Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi into it.

Xiaomi has announced at a Xiaomi Developer Conference, that it is going to develop a tech for charging which beats all. In 17-minutes, a 4000mAh battery could be billed with the technologies.                                                                                                                         


Vivo had introduced a 120W Super Flash Quick charging solution.

Xiaomi’s 100W Super Charge Turbocharging technology is going to be a take on Vivo.

The smartphones will likely be accessible in 2020 or even mid-2020s, although the technology was announced.

BBK Electronic Companies- Realme, and Vivo Oppo are currently focusing on charging technology while Xiaomi is focused on the launch of camera-centric mobiles.

The technique by Vivo is going to be used in the telephones in the first half of the 2020s.

Oppo came out with its 65W Super VOOC technologies in Oppo Reno Ace smartphones.

Xiaomi’s recent technology is challenging to digest.

To charge a 4000mAh battery inside 17-minutes is a big challenge.

The smartphones are not available today because it requires additional hardware setup.

There is a neck to neck competition between mobile companies.

While 17 is taken by the technology of Xiaomi a battery cans control within 13-minutes.

So Vivo nevertheless has some weight in the contest.

Oppo’s technician takes 25-minutes for charging 4000mAh battery, whereas Realme accepts 33-minutes.

It’s not the first time that Xiaomi is trying something new.

Xiaomi came out with a 30W wireless charging technician, this year.

Other companies are yet to conquer this innovation.

Because Xiaomi is focusing on camera-centric smartphones, they’ll be the first company.

Realme X2 Pro is the fastest charging flagship in India.

The smartphone comes with 50W Super VOOC charging technologies Oppo, from its parent firm.2020 will be stuffed with the debut of charging telephones.

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