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Xbox Series X Will Launch as per Schedule – Specifications, Features and detail



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Xbox Series X Will Launch as per Schedule, Phil Spencer is happy with Microsoft’s plans for the next-gen Xbox hardware launch late this year, but it is uncertain if Series X games will probably manage to hit their launch dates.

We’re edging ever closer to the launch of the next generation of games consoles from Microsoft and Sony, but while the Xbox collection X is set to start on time, the games might not.

Xbox Series X – Specifications

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Xbox Series X every detail

Since CNBC reports, before this week Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, appeared on CNBC’s news technology series Squawk Alley to discuss everything Xbox.

He was asked regarding the Xbox Series X and whether the coronavirus pandemic has had an effect on Microsoft’s hardware launch plans. Apparently, it has not, together with Spencer commenting, “Overall, I believe we are consistent with where we believed we’d be.”


His opinion is a bit different on the software side. While the Xbox collection X console may launch on time in the previous quarter of the year, all the expected games might not, “I would say the bigger unknown is probably the game production… Game production is a huge scale entertainment activity today, you’ve got countless people coming together, creating resources, functioning through imaginative.”

Xbox Series X – Launch Date

We don’t know which names will follow at the post-launch period, or which games Microsoft has lined up to the Series X launching. That should become clearer on May 7 if Microsoft has promised to show off next-gen gameplay for the first time. Spencer’s remarks concerning games production probably relate to groups.

Xbox Series X

Back in June 2018, Microsoft obtained four matches studios: Ninja Theory, Compulsion Games, Playground Games, and Undead Labs. Together they account for renowned, and well-received titles Heavenly Sword, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice two State of Decay matches, and We Happy Few.

Each of four studios will be working to encourage Xbox Series X with new titles, and it’s those games that Spencer could be referring to as not hitting their (currently unknown) launch dates as a result of social distancing affecting productivity.

It is not only teams growing Series X games. Ubisoft, by way of example, has five matches intended, so chances are, that the Series X launch will be accompanied by a decent assortment of brand new titles. Backward compatibility will guarantee a range of existing Xbox 360 and Xbox One matches play on the newest hardware.

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