Wonder Woman 1984 new Hot-Wheels packing reveals a Comic – Accurate Cheetah


Wonder Woman 1984 Updates: Here we come with news for the Wonder Woman fans. A brand new piece of Wonder Woman 1984 – themed Hot Wheels packaging shows some another image of a comics-accurate version of the Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah.

As more of the merchandise from the movie Wonder Woman 1984 has been leaked, then the appearance of Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah has now been the subject of the debate. Now, a Hot Wheels package also showcases an extremely comics-accurate version of the feline villain for the movie.

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Wonder Woman 1984 new Hot-Wheels

Now, the packaging posted, on the Twitter account that the film’s logo and also with the hat a Leopard printed Hot Wheels toy. Now, most notably, though, the packaging also features one of the most comic-accurate versions of the Cheetah that the fans and we have seen till date. That was complete with the claws, fur and a fully feline appearance.

Of course, the toy packaging and also the designs tends to vary in the accuracy from the final product, but now considering the previous images have also shown a similar look for the Cheetah, it then stands to the reason that the director will undergo the whole transformation at some point in the movie.

Wonder Woman 1984 revelaed looks-4

Cheetah also had some several aliases in the DC continuity, but now the well known is Barbara Ann. She is an archaeologist, she also befriends Wonder Woman and then eventually ends up transforming into a Cheetah. We also know that Minerva is best known for being a very frequent member of the super-villain group which is also known as the Legion of Doom.

This movie is directed and also co-directed by Patty Jetkins, the movie Wonder Woman 1984 stars the famous actress Gal Gadot as the main character Diana. Then with her we also have Chris Pine as the Steve Trevor as the character. Then there are more characters who will be seen in the new part of the movie.