Wonder Woman 1984 Gold Eagle Armour New Poster Released


The new part of the Wonder Woman 1984 poster has been released by Warner Bros. and also DC films, it features Gal Gadot’s Princess Diana in her new golden armor glory!

The first things to feast the eyes of the fans on is the Wonder Woman 1984 motion poster that was released, it also continues this sequel’s film accentuation of style over substance, with Gal posed over a lave-lamp flow of color.

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The looks are pretty spectacular. After, the fan should be taking a look at the gallery of regular one-sheet posters of Gal sporting Wonder Woman’s Golden Eagle Armour, in some different designs themes.

A couple of new Wonder Woman 1984 posters have been sporting before the June 5th release date, which the DC fans are hoping that it would be holding and won’t delay it.

The coronavirus epidemic has effectively killed the entire Spring movie season, but till now, some of the big summer openers like the DC’s Wonder Woman sequel and Marvel’s Black Widow are still holding strong.

The Gold Eagle Armour has been worn by Wonder Woman for some of her most epic comic book battles. It was first debuted in the 90’s Kingdom Come Elseworlds storyline. This also saw the future DC Universe plugged into the superhero Civil War, with Diana serving as the general for the original heroes of the Justice League.

Later Wonder Woman wore it again in the canonized comic stories, once to battle a dark version of herself, which was created by the Titan, Cronus and another time to fight the universe-killing entity Imperiex.

As for the movie adaptation: Wonder Woman 1984 will see Diana don the Gold Eagle Armour to battle the likes of Cheetah, who will be every bit as formidable as any Amazon.

It is also possible that Wonder Woman will be having the throw down with Maxwell Lord, who also seems to have gained access to some kind of otherworldly artifact that allows him to manifest all kinds of great and terrible things.