Without Remorse – Ultimate Review And Official Trailer

Without Remorse

Last year when I went to New York, my friend took me to the book fair that happens every year there. I found an amazing novel named Without Remorse which happened to be published in 1993. To be honest I have heard a lot of things about the novel and its publicity because there is already a movie going to happen and my favorite actor like Keanu Reeves has also wanted to work on it. Until that time, there was no movie released for the public and there were just talks. 

Talking about the movie, the creators were already discussing the movie for 20 years so I thought why not give this novel a try. Luckily, the creators also announced the movie this year. In this article, I will be sharing everything about Without remorse and how the movie was kept in development for 20 years. Let’s keep on reading this article to have exact knowledge about the movie. 

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Without Remorse – A Complete Summary 

Without Remorse

An American Action Thriller movie which is based on a 1993 Novel by Tom Clancy was something that has been in talks for a long time. Without Remorse is directed by Stefano Sollima and written by Taylor Sheridan. Fans were eagerly waiting for the movie after reading the novel. 

But surprisingly, the movie isn’t fully based on the original novel. The movie was released on 30 April 2021.

You might wonder that if the movie is said to be taken from the novel it would be a visual representation of it, right? But No! The movie changes its plot subsequently throughout the ending and it is loosely based on the novel. It’s just made to hype up the popularity and attract the viewers to it. 

Never mind, you are very much aware of this marketing strategy and many movies use similar marketing strategies to catch the eye of the viewer. 

The movie cast the famous Michael B. Jordan who has also worked in Marvel Series and his latest upcoming work is Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The story of Without Remorse revolves around a US Navy officer named John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan) who undergo serious revenge with Russian men after they killed her pregnant wife and his fellow companion. 

If action and drama are your go-to jam then you should definitely check this series for sure. The movie was originally planned to release under Paramount Studios but then Amazon studios took over the movie. Now, the movie is available on Amazon Prime Video and if you haven’t watched it till now, you should definitely take a look. 

Without Remorse – A little bit about the Cast

Without remorse

The movie stars the famous Hollywood star Michael B. Jordan as the main protagonist and the movie basically revolves around him. He is the defense personnel of the U.S Navy and has served his life in saving lives. While the story majorly focuses on him and his revenge on the Russian armed man there are also other characters who play a key role in the movie. I’ll be mentioning the artist and their character in the next few lines. 

  • Michael B. Jordan is the main cast and played the role of John Kelly/Clark
  • Secondly, Jamie Bell is seen as Robert Ritter
  • Brett Gelman played the role of Victor Rykov
  • Lauren London as Pam Kelly
  • Colman Domingo seen as Pastor West
  • Guy Pearce as Secretary of Defense Thomas Clay
  • Jacob Scipio is cast as Hatchet
  • Cam Gigandet as Keith Webb
  • Todd Lasance has played the role of Dallas
  • Lucy Russell as Sarah Dillard, CIA Director
  • Merab Ninidze as Andre Vaseliev
  • Jodie Turner-Smith as Lieutenant Commander Karen Greer
  • Luke Mitchell is seen as Rowdy King
  • Jack Kesy has played the role of Thunder

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Is Without Remorse a True story?

Without Remorse

As the movie is based on a novel that shares the same name, there are many people who want to know whether it is a true story or not. The story is totally fiction and not based on true events. There is a lot of fake news going around on Twitter soon after the release of the movie but this isn’t true. 

The writer of the novel, Tom Clancy has already stated that the work Without remorse is totally fiction and hasn’t inspired any events.

Where is the Official Trailer of Without Remorse?

The movie has released its official trailer on Youtube and it blew up. I was so shocked to see the excitement and craze that these young people have over this movie. Till now, the movie has released 3 trailers of Without Remorse back to back with all three gaining about 50 Million views together. By this, you can totally understand the popularity of the movie. 

If you have still forbidden the trailer of Without Remorse then don’t worry because I am here to help you out. Given below is the video of Without Remorse for you. 

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/kRpkRkO9KUI” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

What are the ratings of the show?

The show is rated well by the critics but not up to the mark. As there is already so much hype on the internet over this movie, I have seriously expected a lot from it. Well, you will get the idea of what I am actually talking about once you will see the ratings. The IMDb rating of this movie is 5.8/10. Metacritic has rated the show with 41% of the ratings. Last but not the least, the show has 46% of rotten tomatoes. 

Coming to the feedback of the audience, the people have rated this show with 3.0 stars. Not only this but the people also criticized the show for being overhyped and not up to the mark. The critics also commented that this movie seems unrealistic and unconvincing to them. Never mind, because the other fans acknowledge the movie by saying it is fully packed with action and it is a must to watch the movie. Tell me what do you think about this one?

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Final words

Without Remorse is a famous Action movie that was released on 30 April 2021 in cinemas. The movie was also made available in the Amazon Prime Video. The movie was sure a hit on the block office as the official trailer was viewed by the audience with 50 Million views. While the actual earning of the movie wasn’t officially released, it was still a success. The viewers have mixed reviews regarding the movie so far but overall the movie is great. 

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