With the Pandemic, States’ Rights Are Restricted

States' Rights Have Limits When It Comes to the Pandemic

As one of the sections of the Constitution written by our forefathers, states have the authority to adopt laws in addition to those established by the federal government that is not in conflict with those laws or the Constitution.

To put it another way, it is referred to as “states’ rights.”


This was the motivation for the Civil War: to put those believed rights to the test. As a consequence, states’ rights are no longer absolute, but rather are restricted in scope. To make that argument clear, it required a long time and several modifications to the Constitution over many decades.

Despite this, we have a number of state leaders who assert that they have more authority than the president of the United States. They care so much about us and our children that they are ready to put us and our children in danger of contracting a terrible pandemic.

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It is past time to take a position against those authorities and insist that they utilize their authority to assist in the eradication of this epidemic, rather than relying on the dogma of “states’ rights” as a means of securing re-election.