Wish Dragon Review: A Must-to-Watch Animation Movie

Wish Dragon

Last night, while I was staying in my friend’s apartment, we decided to watch a movie. We didn’t know that selecting the perfect movie would be such a difficult idea. Her sisters were unable to search for a good movie and it was just making the night pass. Then suddenly, we all agreed to watch an animated movie. Through mutual decision, we all decided to watch the latest Wish Dragon there. 

Wish dragon is a recently released animated movie that was in talks for its amazing storyline and all. As I am a big entertainment geek and always love to remain up to date with the latest shows all around the world, I had a rough idea about the movie. 

However, after watching the movie, I am perfectly able to write this article. Here is an honest review of the animated movie and here is everything you should know about this movie.

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Wish dragon 

Wish Dragon updates

The movie will give you the feel of Aladdin because of its somewhat similar storyline. The movie revolves around two main characters who have been friends since childhood. Created by the popular animation director, Chris Appelhans, who has worked in many films like Rising of Guardian and many more. 

The Chinese-American-oriented movie is a fantasy-comedy movie. Being from the two countries, the movie is translated into both languages, Mandarin and English.

The storyline will make you think that “oh! It was like Aladdin” and we all know that Alladin got there first. Wish Dragon is receiving mixed reviews by the audience from worldwide and somewhere people who haven’t watched it yet are facing trouble. In the next section, I’ll be reviewing the movie and its storyline without biasing anything. Read it thoroughly to understand it more clearly. 

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Wish dragon – What is it about?

Wish Dragon

Din and Li na met for the first time when they were only 5 years old. The friendship started to get stronger when both the kids found out they had similar interests in the dragons. Over time, these two kids became best friends that love to hang out every second of their life together. And that is how our little babies started to make memories of their life.

As time passed by and both of them grew together, they came to know about many different things about their life. The difference in the status of both of them makes their ways different. 

The promises that they both have made together in their childhood now seem to be broken because of their differences. Din stays with her single mother in a local house that is filled with nosy neighbors. He was often annoyed with their noisy behavior but at the same time, he couldn’t do anything at all. 

On the other hand, Li na lives in a bog house that has everything to make her growing age luxury expert his father. But this isn’t the end of the story. These two little love birds have always planned to stay together and thankfully the writer understands this. 

Their fate again took the direction towards each other and they finally met. Din found an old teaspoon that looked quite fascinating to him. But he wasn’t well prepared for the things that the teapot holds inside. A pink dragon came out of the teapot and not a genie. However, the dragon surely has the same wish as the genie. 

The movie makes the audience realize the importance of love and friendship in their life. Also giving a brief account about wealth and selflessness behavior.

I can proudly say that this movie will be something that I will make my children watch again and again because of their extremely overwhelming thoughts. 

Wish dragon: Ultimate Review

My Rating – 4/5

Making his long desire to be fulfilled by the director Chris Appelhans is amazing to see. He has previously done amazing in his other animated movie and the audience was putting their beliefs on him blindfolded. 

The animated movie centered around the two characters Din and Li-Na, who are kids of Shanghai. Both the kids have the similarity and that is their long wish to have a Wish dragon. 

Wish Dragon review

The Chinese tradition history has the same story that will match with the popular Arabian Nights. This movie too has a plot that will make one remind of the Disney movie.

Many people have complained that the movie doesn’t welcome diversity in the storyline and they have just used the old phenomenon of recreating the old classic movie. However, this time it’s different. 

The movie directs completely different thoughts and views to the viewers as compared to the Aladdin movie. You will really find more differences in the story. 

When they rub the Chinese traditional tea spot and wish Dragon came out of it, I will not deny that it matches with the genie story, but who cares? When the story starts to move forward, I can definitely see what the writer is trying to portray.

The most important thing that will catch the viewer’s attention towards the movie is its lessons. As Disney movies are often criticized for their too old thoughts and the no-lesson movies, we have this one here. The critics are also not far from appreciating the makers for this thing. 

Wish dragon – Is there any Official Trailer of the video?

We all miss our old friendship with some people and want them back, isn’t it? The purest form of love is to have a friend who is there with you in your odds and even. The same thought was shared by Chris Appelhans in his latest Wish Dragon movie. The desire to want his friends back, din found the teapot and that changes his whole life upside down.

Din just wants her old friend, Li na back, who is now a big star. Whereas Din is just a part-time delivery boy. The movie released its trailer and if you have a second doubt then watch the trailer. The fantasy-comedy movie, wish dragon has already been appreciated by many people and now it’s your time.

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