Will we see a Sixth season of Lucifer? Here’s what we know so far


It is due to the massive support of the fans that Lucifer was renewed for a fifth season. The fans began a social media campaign,#RenewLucifer which most certainly encouraged the creators of the show to rethink their decision and soon Lucifer was renewed for a fifth season with not 10 but 16 episodes along with two musicals However the cast and production of the show had established it very clearly that season 5 would be “it” for the show. Even though this disappointed the fans, they were still satisfied with the fifth season.

It appears that miracles do take place. The possibility of a 6th season has been surfing and is the most talked about topic on social media. Rumour has it that the creators of the show along with the cast have been holding meetings about the series’s “potential future” which most effectively continue on Netflix. Netflix is reported to be in talks with Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson about continuing the series.

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Moreover, it has been reported that our beloved Lucifer Morningstar played by Tom Ellis along with other cast members have been approached for future projects. while the cast members are yet to respond, DB Woodside playing the role of Amenadiel has reacted to the potential news. He retweeted the story on Twitter with a GIF of his character smiling. This certainly gives us hope!