Will Walt Breslin return for another series of Narcos Mexico? Here’s all you need to know


Will Walt Breslin return for another series of Narcos Mexico? Here’s all you need to know:
Narcos Mexico is an American crime drama web television series created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. It first premiered on Netflix in 2018 and has been one of the most popular and controversial series ever since. The series focuses on the illicit drug trade in Mexico, primarily Guadalajara.

As we already know that the second season of the show premiered earlier this February, the show has received critical acclaim for its storyline, concept and smooth portrayal of characters. Even though the third season for the show has not been announced yet, there’s one question that lingers around, will DEA agent Walt Breslin return for another series?

Walt Breslin played by Scoot McNairy was introduced to us at the beginning of season 2, trying to pursue drug lord Felix Gallardo. The possibility of a third season is still surfacing but nothing is confirmed yet. However executive producer of the show, Eric Newman, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter revealed that he is keen to carry on with the story of México’s drug cartel.

Revealing possible teasers about the third season, Newman mentioned, ” You can look at season one of Narcos: Mexico as consolidation of power and season two as the erosion of it and then what comes in its place is chaos!” Needless to say, even though we see the possibility of a third season, we are not sure if there’s room for Walt Breslin to return.

In the finale of season two, we see Breslin who came to visit Gallardo in prison in hopes of getting ba confession for Kiki Camarena’s murder. We are not sure as to what went down but Gallardo told Breslin, ” it was only the beginning of chaos”. Thus we hope that Breslin might return to tell the story in season 3!


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