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Will Van Helsing Season 5 Be Available On Netflix This Year?

After an extended hiatus, Van Helsing finally has returned for its highly anticipated fifth season on April 16, 2021, and fans everywhere are very eager to find out what is in store for what will, unfortunately, be the farewell tour for the show. But those who wait for the SyFy series to create its way to Netflix to binge in its entirety are more than likely to know when Van Helsing season 5 will be on the streaming agency in 2021.

There are now four seasons of the hit series Van Helsing available on Netflix today.

Based on the graphic novel collection of the same title from Zenescope Entertainment, the show is set in a post-apocalyptic future by which Abraham Van Helsing’s distant relative Vanessa Helsing is resurrected to determine she must take action as Vampires have obtained over the whole world. The cast of this sci-fi action-adventure drama is direct by the talented gem that is Tekken celebrity Kelly Overton from the titular role.

Van Helsing was shown to be a must-watch ordeal for SyFy from start to finish and has been popular with those that enjoy it on Netflix too. It’s no surprise, so many of them are eager to know if the fifth and closing run will be on the streaming service this year.

Van Helsing Season 5

Will Van Helsing Season 5 Be Available On Netflix This Year?

The last episode of Van Helsing season 3 aired in December 2018, and also the season showed up on Netflix eight weeks later in August 2019. The Van Helsing season 4 finale came out in December of 2019 and was made accessible to subscribers about nine months later on Sept. 27, 2020.

In case a similar timeline is expected, Van Helsing season 5 could arrive on Netflix eight or nine months after the finale airs.

According to IMDb, the last episode of the show’s fifth outing comes from July 9, 2021, which might signify the next installment may not make it into the streaming service before spring 2022, but that is just speculation-based on the previous iterations arrival.

Chances are the series will not be on Netflix this year, but fortunately fans can re-watch the first four seasons of the critically acclaimed and award-winning show.

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