Will There Be A Third Season Of Paradise PD?

Paradise PD Season 3

Paradise PD has just returned to Netflix because of its highly-anticipated second season but what chance does it have of getting a third season?

While Netflix may be best known for creating big-budget drama series like Stranger Things and The Witcher, there has always been room for much more ‘out there’ TV shows.

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Animations such as Big Mouth and Bojack Horseman reveal that off perfectly and now, a third animation series has returned to Netflix for a brand new season.

That series is Paradise PD, created by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black however even though the brand new batch of episodes published on March 6th, 2020, fans are already calling for more.

The question is, will Paradise PD be receiving another season?

Paradise PD Returns For Season 2

After season 1 of Paradise PD was released on August 31st, 2018, it has taken 18 months for season 2 to come around but on March 6th, the long-awaited next batch of episodes published.

The new season continues the travel of the Paradise Police Department and its incompetent and improper officers.

What’s going to excite fans even more, though, is the new season’s seventh installment that comprises something from co-creators Waco O’Guin and Roger Black’s past.

Paradise PD Season 3

Will There Be A Third Season Of Paradise PD?

In the time of writing, March 6th 2020, it’s unconfirmed whether Paradise PD will return for a third season.

In most cases, it requires a minimum of 28 days for Netflix to decide on whether to animate a show or not and sometimes that process can be longer.

If the show is renewed, fans will probably have a long wait to get more episodes since we said, it took 18 months for season 2 to arrive after season 1 was first released.

Fans Certainly Want More

Though the new show was just released on March 6th, buffs have wasted no time in bingeing their way throughout all eight of the new episodes and are currently calling for more!

One fan on Twitter commented: “Already watched all available episodes.”

While another required: “Now instantly make season 3.”

And this fan said: “Watched both seasons, adored it! Can not wait for more.”

It’s apparent that one of the show’s fanbase, there are a need for longer. The issue is whether the bold and brash humour can bring in enough viewers to sustain a third season.

Season 2 of Paradise PD is available to flow today after releasing Netflix on March 6th, 2020.