Will there be a season three for You on Netflix Series?


You season two is now accessible for viewers to stream and download on Netflix. In the new arrangement, Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, transfers to Los Angeles trying to get away from his deadly and haunting past for a fresh start.

Over there, he takes over the personality of some Will Bettelheim and begins to look all starry eyed at a young lady named Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). He starts falling for her.


Be that as it may, similarly as Joe has all the earmarks of being turning his life around by his way of taking a fresh start away from all the past negativity, he can’t appear to avoid his previous serial killer ways as he is still a slave to his old habits.

Now the question arises whether or not there would be another season of You to be streamed on Netflix. The whole season two of You debuted on Netflix today Thursday, December 26th, 2019, right after Christmas.

Right now, Netflix has not declared any report about any plans for the show.

The gushing goliath ordinarily declares updates on further releases on the streaming platform three months after the series makes any debut, so fans can expect news concerning the third season in the middle of 2020.

If season three is given the thumbs up, it is probably going to land on Boxing Day 2020, much the same as the past two seasons.

Both season 1 and 2 gathered a lot of fans and some critics all over the globe. The show isn’t like most basic shows but shows cast something new and different as it traced the life of a normal-seeming serial killer living amongst the citizens and the fans do look forward to the third season. Stay tuned to know more!