Will there be a Season 9 for The Vampire Diaries?

Season 9 for The Vampire Diaries Updates: The Vampire Diaries is one of the most famous supernatural TV series. The show is made on the reference of the book called, The Vampire Diaries written by L.J. Smith. TVD has been so popular that makers had to make two separate shows originating from it. “Originals” and “Legacies” are two shows made out of The Vampire Diaries.

TVD has concluded it’s a journey of 8 successful seasons with 22 episodes in each season. The show was broadcasted on The CW channel. The first episode of TVD came out in 2009. Since then the characters of the show have gone through a lot. Also, the show has gained immense popularity throughout.


So, Will, there be a Season 9 for The Vampire Diaries?

the vampire diaries

On the contrary, when the series came out on Netflix, the fan-base doubled. Viewers are demanded Season 9 for the show. Although the makers have concluded the story, still they stay in a dilemma for the sequel. Makers have been giving the sequel a thought.

Talking about the cast of the upcoming season. The cast will not include Elena Gilbert played by Nina Dobrev, Damon Salvatore played by Ian Samerholder, and Stefan Salvatore played by Paul Wesley. As they all have refused to work for the upcoming season. So it becomes obvious that new faces would be seen.

Due to a new cast of the show, it is also anticipated that a new journey would be taken up. We can expect an interrelated story involving different characters. It could be like Originals and Legacies but under the name of TVD. As of now, the makers are considering it and due to the pandemic Coronavirus, nothing could be confirmed. We will give you the latest updates on the matter.

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