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Will the Sexy Serial Killer Netflix Series Show ‘You’ Have a Season 3?

We’ve left you – and now, in season 2, he’s starting a new life. He moved to LA and changed his name, but he didn’t need to change anything else about himself, killing Beck as he zeroed in on a new target and reverted to his old tricks.

The next day after Christmas new episodes were thrust upon us by Netflix (when we never thought there was a scary post-season), but still, that’s certainly not enough.

Some of our questions will almost certainly be answered after season 2 – especially when it comes to Candace – but looking at the first season, the new finale is going to leave fans with more.

So will you be season 3, and if so, when? Here we know everything about the future of the show so far.

The listener already has ideas –
In an interview with the Cosmopolitan UK, executive producer Serra Gamble shared that he already had plans for Joe’s adventures in a possible season 3 (if you want to call them that) although he has no secret Left.

Let everyone know that you know to watch – Netflix can’t possibly ask for very large streaming numbers!

The show received a huge impetus to continue-
According to Deadline, earlier this month, you were awarded a $ 7.213 million California tax credit for producing the third season. Of course, there is no guarantee that it will happen, but it is certainly a good reason for renewal – or seven million reasons, give or take.

A third book is on the way-
For fans who may not know, you are based on a series of books by author Carolyn Capons, with the first season based on the first book and the second sequel, Hidden Bodies – with some details that have certainly changed.

And as Entertainment Weekly reported back in May, a third and fourth book is coming out, which gives you a lot of power to work with.

However, a release date has not been set for the third book, which is “about a plan to move to the Pacific Northwest to become a family man in his unique way.” ”

Of course, Lifetime (the show’s original network) generally didn’t travel from season 1 to season 2 before the show was picked up by Netflix last December – Lifetime (the show’s original network) quietly released its second season Updated.

It falls out. Season 1 has been a full year since it aired, so it makes sense if another year passes before we see more. Like, maybe the end of 2020 if not the beginning of 2021.

But the future looks positive for you, so everyone should cross their fingers that this happens. And maybe resume your social media privacy settings if someone is watching the show for creeper tips. Can’t hurt

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