Will Smith’s ‘Bad Boys 3’ Box Office Records Nears $300M

In holdover news to the weekend, Bad Boys For Life again topped the weekend charts for the third time in a row. The Will Smith/Martin Lawrence action comedy earned $17.6 million (-48%) to bring its 17-day domestic cume to $148.052 million. It’s currently the biggest-grossing”new” January release, not counting Oscar year expansions like American Sniper ($350 million), Chicago ($171 million) or Hidden Bodies ($170 million) of all time. No, that does not account for inflation, as both Taken earned $145 million and Paul Blart: Restaurant Cop earned $146 million in January of 2009. Star Wars: Special Edition earned $137 million in January of 1997, which would be approximately $260 million adjusted. It was the biggest grosser in January for a few decades.

Once it passes the $177 million, Bad Boys 3 will also be past the inflation-adjusted enjoys of Cloverfield ($80 million in 2008/$118 million corrected ), The Green Hornet ($98 million in 2010/$113 million corrected ), Kung Fu Panda 3 ($143 million in 2016/$151 million adjusted), Ride Together ($134 million in 2014/$148 million) and Paul Blart: Mall Cop ($146 million in 2009/$177 million adjusted), but maybe not M.A.S.H. ($81 million in 1970/$479 million adjusted). And supposing it becomes beyond $192 million nationally, it will have sold more tickets than Bad Boys II which brought $138 million in 2003. Passing the Kung Fu Panda 3’s $517 million global cume(including $154 million in China) to become the largest global grosser ever released in January is much less of a certain thing.

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Bad Boys 3 dropped less on its third weekend compared to Keanu Reeves’ John Wick: Chapter 3 (-54percent despite a Memorial Day weekend buffer), but it dropped just a little more than (in various third parties ) Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible — Fallout (-45%), Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham’s Hobbs & Shaw (-44%) and Cruise’s Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation (-39%). In terms of 17-day totals, the Will Smith/Martin Lawrence action-comedy is appropriate between John Wick: Chapter 3 ($124 million), Hobbs & Shaw ($134 million), Rogue Nation ($138 million) and (far ahead of the package ) Fallout ($161 million). John Wick 3 didn’t really regain its post-debut footing until its fourth weekend. Marcus and mike will face friends and Harley Quinn beginning on its fourth weekend.

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Assuming it follows the course of the movies discussed previously, it is still on track for a final gross between $175 million and $205 million. Therefore, yes, it might pass the $192 million adjusted-for-inflation total of Bad Boys II in the long run, if not (barring a miracle) the $214 million corrected cume of Enemy of the State ($110 million in 1998). Yes, it might take a hit from Birds of Prey next weekend, but possibly only following weekend. If The Meg and Mission: Impossible — Fallout can both thrive concurrently in July/August of 2018, I’m of the mind that a well-reviewed/well-liked Bad Boys For Life plus also a (theoretically) well-reviewed/well-liked Birds of Prey can both live their proverbial finest lives, especially with minimal rivalry between now and March.

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The R-rated action movie has grossed $291 million globally, which is well over the unadjusted $273 million gross (in 2003) of Bad Boys II (and today brings the movie’s domestic/overseas split to 50/50). Again, the $517 million global cume of Kung Fu Panda 3 is likely out of reach, but a ) that film earned $154 million in China and B) Bad Boys for Life just cost $90 million. It is a gloriously blockbuster, an under-$100 million movie which may be an hit $300 million global and consequently doesn’t have to appeal to everyone. That is the sandbox once occupied by The Rock, Enemy of the State and Face/Off. Its old-fashioned structure, such as an emphasis on character over spectacle, is part of why it’s performing so well.

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