Will Robert Pattinson be back in upcoming Twilight Movie?

Robert Pattinson in new Twilight

As the release date of the movie Midnight Sun has been revealed, here is how Robert Pattinson feels about starring in the next Twilight film if there is one.

The author of twilight series, Stephanie Meyer recently made it to the headlines as she announced her new book of the Twilight series. The author had revealed that the new book Midnight Sun is a story from vampire Edward Cullen’s perspective. The book is all set to release on Aug 2020.

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As soon as the release date of the book was announced, the fans started wondering whether the book would get adapted into a movie as well. moreover, if the book is from Edward’s point of view, would Robert be starring in the sequel?

Robert Pattinson be back in upcoming Twilight Movie?


The confusion is prevailingRobert Pattinson Twilight among the fans because the actor has evidently moved on from the Twilight phase of his career. Moreover, the actor has grown older to play the role of a young vampire boy.

However, a source close to Robert Pattinson revealed some interesting details to them. The portal reported that as revealed by their source, Robert Pattinson is very proud to be associated with the Twilight franchise.

Robert Pattinson be back in upcoming Twilight

They further said that twilight has supplied the actor with memories that helped him personally and professionally. It was also reported that the actor is aware that the Twilight series gave him the fame and fandom that he enjoys today and he is grateful for that.

However, when it comes to the new book, the actor has not been given an advanced copy to know what the book is about other than the fact that it is from Edward’s perspective. The media portal had reported that though Robert is not against coming back, he is also realistic and knows that he might be way too old for the role.