Will AJ and Queen have their second season?


Aj And The queen is a comedy show on Netflix. The show recently got aired on 10th January. Robert, a down-on-his-luck drag queen who performs as Ruby Red, prepares for a new adventure, heading out on a journey in a van across America. Joining Robert on the trip is tough-talking 10-year-old stowaway AJ. Almost 96 percent of the viewers have liked the show until now. We hope that more and more people will like the show.

Will they have season 2?

So far, the streaming platform has not made any announcement about the future of RuPaul’s comedy. Still, apparently, in the final episode, where Ruby competes in Miss Drag United States, AJ makes preparations for life on the farm, and Brianna takes a big leap of faith, the story of Ruby and AJ could continue in an upcoming season.


Usually, Netflix takes some weeks to evaluate the response of its users. Although it does not share the figures, these are usually decisive when renewing or canceling a series. At the moment, there is only waiting, but if the comedy does not get new episodes, it is clear that RuPaul will not stop. It might be good for the viewers as well.

We hope that they come up with a new season since the comedy is good and people love to laugh. People love the shows which makes them laugh and end up loving the show.

Let us hope that they bring up a new season so that the fans would love to watch. We wish them all the luck and success in their upcoming seasons.