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Why Thor Love And Thunder Has Not Aired yet? Know More About It

Thor Love And Thunder Updates: Thor is one of the most loving and fascinating characters with people around the world.  Everyone is quite familiar with the famous role of Thor and they love to see it on screen again and again. As we or most of us know that the movie received a large amount of good and positive response from their audience and after the Thor: Ragnarok it became more.

Thor Love And Thunder Release Date

As it was made confirmed officially by the director Taika Waititi that the Marvel Studios is now coming up with the fourth instalment in the famous Thor series, The fourth instalment of the series is named as Thor: Love and Thunder. We got to know the name of the upcoming movie as well as the cast of the movie in 2019’s Comic-Con at the San Diego. The fourth instalment of this famous movie of Thor is scheduled to be released on November 5, 2021. Now only that along with it I know it will be very hard to acknowledge it but Thor 4 Love and Thunder is going to be the last one for phase 4.

Will There Be Lady Thor?

This is something that the fans wanted to know for a very long time. And the answer to that is yes, as there was an announcement which was made by Kevin Feige at the Comic-Con that we are now going to see Natalie Portman will as Jane Foster. But, this time she will be playing as the female god of Thunder herself when Thor is unable to lift his hammer due to some different situation. ‘She is not actually Female Thor according to the comics but she is actually called as the Mighty Thor’.

Many of us know and we have already predicted that the upcoming part of the movie is going to be awesome. The fans just want to know when will the movie come for them. Let us home the best for the upcoming future.



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