Why the new spider-man 3 should include both daredevil and she-hulk?

Spider-man 3 daredevil and she-hulk

We have a theory about spider-man 3 should include both daredevil and she-hulk. It is very much unfortunate that the fans and we have to see a proper Spider-Man 3 movie. Sam Raimi’s third movie ended his trilogy on a bad lacklustre note and now his planned fourth movie never happened because of it. Then there was a Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man trilogy which also did not live long enough to become a trilogy. Raimi’s third Spider-Man film was very much disappointing and on the other hand Webb’s third Spider-Man film never happened.

Spider-man 3 with daredevil and she-hulk


The director Jon Watts directed the 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming, and he returned to direct last year’s Spider-Man Far From Home. Watts and Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland is set to be returning for a third movie, and now that is something that the Marvel fans are eagerly waiting to look forward.

The illusion casting, villain Mysterio framed Spider-Man for his own supposed death and also revealed to the world who is really was. That is correct, Peter Parker is officially a fugitive in the MCU with spider-man and daredevil. that is now quite the cliffhanger and it is also one that we just have to see and go further. Now that we are waiting, it is the perfect time to start speculating.


Peter will be starting a huge target Spider-Man 3, and he will be in a desperate need for someone who will be defending him. For Matt Murdock, defending his clients was always very much personal for him. He would never allow an innocent young teenager to be sent to prison for a murder that he did not commit. Aunt May can hire him or maybe Murdock can find Peter himself.

Bruce Banner who is better known as The Hulk, he is the cousin of Jennifer Walters. When she was wounded with a gunshot and in a serious need of blood transfusion, Bruce stepped in and donated blood to her. Then, as a result, she became the she-hulk. Now she can transform into some big screen, the fans of her want to see the character in the theatres with some other Marvel characters.