Why the Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey Title Change Is a Good Idea


Birds of Prey and Harley Quinn’s is only a few days into its theatrical period, but the film is already in a variety of conversations. The cinema was “certified new” by critics and holds received a lot of appreciation from viewers’ posts, but the narrative around the movie’s box office appears to be something more.

Despite its bird poop, a budget of about $ 85 million was refunded in its opening weekend, but some have referred to the small number of box offices as a sign of failure, and on Monday about fixing the situation Have thought At night, things got even more complicated when the outlet (including our own) revealed that Warner Bros. had changed the film’s title Harley Quinn: Birds of Pre’s multiple movies tings to platforms.

Is Change Title is a Good Idea

The notion of Birds of Prey “started changing its title”, confusing social media, especially because the film is already days into the release (and the full title is shown in the film itself). It has since been confirmed that the move is not a sweeping change to the film’s title in every official context, but a way to make it easier for fans to find and purchase tickets.

Are producers planning for the next sequence?

The second film was put into development, it was clear that Margot Robbie and DC people wanted to turn the Harley Quinn spinoff film into something new and original. Robbie reiterated that she did not want her Suicide Squad character to be fully included in the film Solo, because Harley works best with the ensemble cast around her and because she is one of the other DC Comics heroines is. Wanted (in particular, which is not yet household names) to show on the big screen. Even though the film’s full title is a bit harsh, it also includes your cake and the spirit of eating it – Priya, who inherits the comics of birds, is honored by acknowledging Harley’s cartoony, character-driving. Role in the overall plot.

Harley Quinn Magic

The only problem is that movie theater marquees and online ticketing platforms and Twitter hashtags are not real enough to write Bird of Prey (and a Harley Quinn’s awesome). While the title is referred to as Offish’s “Pery Birds” .something that is, of course, going to continue after this change. is an unrealistic and earned moment for many DC fans, it remains A property that is not necessarily common to the audience is yet to be known.

Surely, the same could be said for Suicide Squad four years ago, but the film took full advantage of the marketing of Batman, The Joker, and Will Smith. Given the fact that the squad grossed $ 750 million worldwide, it’s safe to say that a good portion of the film’s population had probably seen Robbie’s first portrayal of Harley, and realistically on his future endeavors Want to follow him, but not necessarily know that he currently has an opportunity if he is the type of media consumer who constantly promotes the film’s critical discussion and social Are not plugged into media Chatter.

 If this overwhelmingly positive criticism and supporter reaction from the movie spectators is any indication, Bird of Prey succeeded in its task of presenting its new female heroes on the big screen. Viewers are falling in love with iconic comic characters such as Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya, and the championship of spinoffs or sequels around them. With this small title change – which, at the end of the day, has no bearing on the quality or structure of the film – there is a genuine possibility that more people will follow this appreciation.


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