Why the Cats movie is So much-hated even before its release


The trailer of Cats has been hated by the viewers and it is being hated all over and over again. Before its release, the feature film adaptation of Cats has been subject to endless ridicule, but why? We explore the backlash of the musical film.

The Cats movie hasn’t even landed in the cinemas yet but the movie has already received a lot of backlashes before its release for several different reasons. It is based on the long-running Broadway musical of the same name, Cats carries an immense amount of prestige in terms of both behind the scenes and on-screen talent and is looking to continue the recent box office hot streak.



All of the movies receive varying degrees of criticism, but it is very rare for any title to receive the level of pre-release scorn Cats has drummed up. It begs the question of why exactly this musical has become such a go-to punching bag for people all over the world. Well, such a response could be chalked up to a confluence of disparate elements that have come together to ensure that this take on the musical is starting the wrong foot with many moviegoers.


Whether or not cats the actual movie is any good is something the audiences will have to wait and see the actual film to determine it. For now, though, it can be concretely determined what assorted factors are building into the project’s pre-release negative reputation.

The movie has received enough amount of criticism even before its release which means the movie has already lost its reputation in front of its audience. It is very much possible that the movie can or could turn into a disaster when it hits movie theatres. Let us hope that the directors and the producers will look upon the criticism as a challenge and try to convince their audiences.