Lately, Vin Diesel is unquestionably one of the Hollywood’s most famous action star, from his role in Domenic Toretto in the Fast and The Furious film series or franchise to his time on the XX, and Riddick movies.

The actor has now carved out a new corner in his action-packed lineup of work with Bloodshot, which is based on the Valiant Comics character of the same name as well.

When the time came to start putting Bloodshot together, the director Dave Wilson took some steps to ensure that the action-star Vin Diesel’s portrayal of the eponymous character stood out enough from the actor’s past action roles.

But we have seen that the director Dave Wilson has a point. When it gets to the point that Dominic Toretto run through a wall or lift a car, one of them or any fans can easily classify that the Vin Diesel characters are capable of some incredible feats no mere mortal could live through in life, that also makes it harder for Ray Garrison also known as Bloodshot, to come off looking more special.

So as he explained during his very recent appearance on the Reel Blend podcast, the director Dave Wilson did his best to ensure that Bloodshot was in another ‘realm’ compared to who Vin Diesel has played in his past action movies.

Now, this also goes without saying that when you have someone who’s resurrected and also enhanced with nanotechnology, that is already a very good step forward with presenting this individual as an extraordinary.

But the director Wilson nonetheless also wanted to ensure that it was very much clear to the audience that the character Bloodshot is a true superhuman, not just someone close to the level.

After he and his wife are assassinated, Bloodshot also follows Ray Garrison being brought back to life by a team of scientists.

In the process of being turned into a superpowered killing machine, Ray initially forgets about his old life, but after remembering the man who killed him and his wife, he then breaks free to seek revenge.


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