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Why Pokemon Fans Are Obsessed with Scorbunny’s Anime Debut

However, with the new Pokémon anime series thus far exploring every previous area of the franchise, fans were certainly eager to see the anime on the new Geller arena from Pokémon Sword and Shield. Now that Ash and the new hero have made their way to the wooded area in Golar.

They have come face to face with some new favorites introduced in the latest iteration of the franchise. The first major debut was with this new generation fire starter, Scorbany, which has had a huge impact on fans so far.

Officially making its debut in Episode 4, but clearing the soil in which it was covered, fans got a full chance for Scorebunny’s total cuteness in the latest episode of the series. After meeting Go in the previous episode, Scorbany actually traveled long distances in an attempt to become Go’s official Pokemon.

These last two episodes have shown so much personality from Scorbany, and its range of emotions has already crossed a full spectrum. This has made Aaradhya a big hit, so read on to find out what fans have to say about Scorbuni’s run in the anime

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