Why Missy from The Netflix’s Wrong Missy looks familiar

Why Missy from The Wrong Missy looks familiar

Netflix’s new romantic comedy The Wrong Missy makes the most of a case of mistaken identity, as disaffected office worker Tim tries to turn a business retreat into a romantic getaway with the woman of his dreams, Missy.

The problem is, he sends his invitation by text message — and he sends it to the wrong Missy. It isn’t until he boards his flight that Tim realizes he’s trapped alongside a weirdo with whom he once had a disastrous blind date. But the longer he stays stuck with his gregarious would-be gal pal, the more Tim realizes that the wrong Missy just might be Miss Right after all.


You’ll no doubt recognize ’90s comedy stalwart David Spade leading up this Happy Madison production as Tim. Model and actress Molly Sims, meanwhile, fills the role of the intended object of Tim’s affection.

But what about the other Missy? This bonkers brunette might ring a bell, even if you’re not sure why. Her name is Lauren Lapkus, and you’ve probably encountered her popping in on a high-profile dramedy, cracking wise in a blockbuster action movie, or leaving a lasting impression on some of TV’s quirkiest series.

Lauren Lapkus wasn’t herself when she was hungry


Having spent some time performing improv in New York City, Illinois native Lapkus relocated to Los Angeles in 2010, and it wasn’t long before the ambitious young performer started turning up in bit parts and commercials. Her very first TV gig found her acting with Ryan Reynolds in a sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live! Another early bit of noteworthy national attention came with a 2011 Snickers ad, in which Lapkus appeared alongside legendary tough guy Joe Pesci and insult comedy icon Don Rickles.

Lauren is the new Lapkus

Lauren Lapkus joined the cast in its first season of Orange is the new black, bringing her charmingly awkward energy to the role of Susan. Susan quickly became a fan favourite, a nuanced character whose combination of offbeat warmth and semi-perverse voyeurism opened her up to respect and ridicule from inmates and staff in equal measure.

Lauren Lapkus provided comic relief in an age of dinosaurs


Lauren Lapkus was far from the flashiest part of Jurassic World, but she just may have been the best. As control room technician Vivian Krill she added a charming sense of levity to bombastic billion-dollar box office revival of the Jurassic Park franchise.

Lauren Lapkus has become a queen of quirky comedy

In the wake of her breakthrough role on Orange Is the New Black and her blockbuster turn in Jurassic World, the gigs really started rolling in for Lauren Lapkus — particularly those requiring a penchant for geek-powered wisecracker. Among the most notable was a recurring role in the final two seasons of The Big Bang Theory as comic book store assistant manager Denise.