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Why Lucifer Season 5 needs a Constantine crossover

Why the fifth season of Lucifer needs a Constantine crossover

It is no exaggeration to suggest that the fans of Lucifer would sell their souls to see some new episodes at this point.

The fifth season is almost here we hope but it is being hell to figure out what is in store for everyone’s favourite fallen angel.

Although the romance of the star will likely to be a major plot point and we are more interested in learning about another relationship first hinted at in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

While attempting to resurrect Arrow’s Oliver Queen, John Constantine travelled to Earth-666 and paid Lucifer a visit in Purgatory. Morningstar had revealed to help saying I Owe You For Maze.

The viewers of Arrowverse might have been confused by that reference, but anyone out there who has watched Lucifer will know that the Maze in question is actually a character called Mazikeen.

After working alongside Morningstar for some centuries in hell, Maze had joined Lucifer on the surface and worked at his Lux nightclub in LA.

Does Lucifer owe Constantine a favour?

Lucifer season 5

Since the surprise crossover took place, the fans have been left wondering what happened for the first time Constantine met Lucifer.

Why does Morningstar owes a favour to Constantine? The showrunners of Lucifer discussed this last year with EW, crediting the Flash writer Lauren Certo with that Maze line specifically. 

Henderson had added that he has theories about what had happened when Lucifer and Constantine had first met, joking that they should be explored in the spinoff.

But, unfortunately there has been no spinoff confirmed just yet, so the question of what Constantine did to help Mazee remains up in the air. And the source of material is not much of help in this regard either.

Well, this is it guys. Hope that you are doing well during this quarantine. Stay tuned for more updates.



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