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Why Love is Blind Didn’t Release All the Episodes at once on Netflix




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Rather than releasing every episode of Love Is Blind at one time, Netflix chose to launch it in three separate parts in three weeks. It’s worked before, so in case it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The Netflix series has got people talking. It is billed as a never-been-tried dating show formulation, when in fact it’s a series that is taking elements and combining it into a single.

There have been shows in the past where couples try to fall in love. There have been shows where couples live in a hotel with couples. And there were shows lots of shows, where couples have been expected to suggest and get a frame.

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Love Is Blind swallows all those assumptions and regurgitates it into one 10-episode season. People are watching, aware of this absurd assumption but enamored nonetheless at the query asked by hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey: “love is blind?”

Instead of putting all 10 episodes out there at once, Netflix released the first pair on Feb. 13. The next group of episodes will be on Thursday and also the one-episode finale is going to soon be unleashed on Feb. 27.

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It follows a similar formula as the worldwide sensation The Circle, which continues on the streaming stage at the start of the year.

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