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Why Lorna has bad habits in Dead to Me Season 2?




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The series shows an unexpected friendship between Jen and Judy that leads to unexpected twists and turns in their life. Christina Applegate was nominated for Golden Globe and Emmy Awards for her role in Dead To Me series as Jen.

Dead To Me was renewed for another season after one month of releasing the first season. The release date is not revealed yet, but we can expect it by the end of this year. It is also assured that the two female lead characters, Christina, and Linda Cardellini, will be in the upcoming season.

Other casts include Diana Maria, Suzy Nakamura, Keong Sim, Brandon Scott, and Max Jenkins. James Marsden, who plays the role of Steve, Judy’s ex-fiance, will not be returning this season. As the fans know that he was shot dead in the last season in Jen’s house.


The last season ended in an unexpected way leading the fans to wonder what is going to happen next. Jen ends up in a support group to recover from her husband ted’s death in a hit and run accident. She meets Judy and becomes thick friends. Later on, Jen gets to know Judy was the one who killed her husband.

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Since the show ends on a cliffhanger where Steve is murdered at Jen’s house, next season will probably start from that situation.

Why Lorna Has Bad habits?

Lorna is Jen’s mother, who is addicted to taking pills due to her son’s death. She then blames and abuses Jen by assuming she is the reason for her son’s death. Because of Lorna’s drug addiction, Charlie, Jen’s older son, leaves the house.

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The very first season had such an amazing storyline that took us through a lot of twists and turns without making us bored. Let’s assume that the latest upcoming season will be more exciting with a lot of surprises.

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