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Why I May Destroy You Season 2 Is Officially Cancelled?

Last year Disney Hotstar released some of the greatest movies and shows of all time and some of them will be remembered by the fans. The people were excited to watch all the amazing shows and one of them is I May Destroy You. With a bold title and amazing trailer, the series made its first appearance on the screen.

The british-drama which was developed by Michaela Coel for HBO and BBC Channels. The series follows the story of a young girl, who is inspired towards her life and wants to rebuild her career as a writer after being raped. 


The show received a lot of amazing feedback from the people and critics praised the amazing storyline of this story. Following the social message through their show, the creators Michaela Coel have gained a lot of appreciation for it too. 

As the series comes to an end, the fans started to wonder what happens in the life of Michaela Coela and how things worked out with her, Of course, the series has been there with an amazing story but Does the one season was enough? 

The show’s admirers are hoping to see I May Destroy You Season 2 to watch on the Disney Hotstar. The show has been gaining positive responses from the fans and there is nothing that would hold the show makers to release another part. 

In this article, we’ll be looking forward to everything that is officially released regarding the show. We’ll further study if there will be I May Destroy You Season 2 or not?

I May Destroy You Season 2 Cast: Who is Returning Back in the Series?

Fans are genuinely hoping for the second installment of the series to watch on the big screen. The show follows the life of Arabella Essiedu, who is a young and inspiring writer and is doing great in her field. Michaela Coel has amazingly played her role with unexpected things that made her amazing. Fans were so blessed to see someone that is doing everything on her own. She was everywhere and I mean who wouldn’t love such a great artist who is filled with enormous talents. 

Moreover, Michaela Coel is playing the main lead of the story as Arabella Essiedu, who is a writer and got sexual abuse in her past life. Weruche Opia is another important character for the show and the star is seen as Terry Pratchard, who is one of Arabella’s best friends and struggling to find a job in acting. Paapa Essiedu is also playing the role of Kwame and she is the other best friend of Arabella. Here is the character of the series that would be possibly returning back in Season 2. 

The popular NBC series, the good place, which follows around the people who are good at humor would definitely be one of those series. After the series landed on Netflix, the viewers are wondering if there would be any chance of The Good Place 5 or not. With the title, it would be clear to you that we will be discussing Good Place 5 with you. Will the series be renewed? Are there any possibilities for Season 5? Well, if you wanna know then we’ll be discussing that right here.

I May Destroy You Season 2 Confirmed Or Not?

After the first season got on the screen. Fans were confirmed that the series would be getting another season. With such great ratings and high viewership, the hso was one of those to get another season. 

In the middle of all, the creators were not sure if they would be getting another season or not. As the show is wholly produced, directed and written and even acted by Michaela Coel, everything was upto her wish. 

There is no official confirmation by the officials and the show is hanging in the mid, We don’t know if the show will be getting renewed for its season 2 or not. I May Destroy You Season 2 seems to have no future after the officials have spoken in an interview. 

One of the officials said, “I don’t think there’s going to be another I May Destroy You, there’s no season two coming. But she’s thinking about what she wants to do next and hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to be partners with her again.”

Listening to this, many fans were worried as the show was really great. The audience were asking for another season as season 1 was just not enough. The audience rating summary of this show is 4.8 and this is the another reason why the fans were so confirmed to get another season. 

The third season of Good Trouble was recently released on Freeform and within a few weeks, the officials have confirmed Season 4. Freeform has finally renewed the Good Trouble Season 4 and fans are delighted to hear it. The news has just reached the audience and soon, it spread all over the internet. Fans are already predicting the possible theory of this series. 

I May Destroy You Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

So far, the creators have not released I May Destroy You Season 2. There is no official confirmation if the show will be returning back in the future. However, on the other hand, the fans have known through the interview with one of the officials that there would be no more season of I May Destroy you.

As the series talks about the woman and her life, many people get inspired by it. Sexual abuse and rapes and psychology and mental health were some of the key factors for this show and we know how much fans are carving for it. A good Series that advises people in a good way is no less than a masterpiece. Many people find their homes in this show, especially women. 

With such a craze, the creators should have renewed the series. It’s been one whole year since we last watched the show. 

Despite getting canceled, the fans are hoping to get another season. If you are one of those people who is looking 

Fans Are Furious For Golden disk Awards

The British drama is just released and fans are already writing whatever the writer has brought to us, As the show is wholly developed by Micahela, from writing to directing, everything was done by her. 

On the other hand, the show has brought amazing content to the audience, making all of us terrified and motivated towards our own life. 

As the show premiered and was brought to the world, it agins amazing response and the achievements were also there to mention. The show claimed some of the big awards like the Emmy awards nominations and Golden Disk nominations. 

However, when it came to winning, the show got robbed. All the fans of the show were shocked to see that despite the show being this good, there were no awards for the show. 

The popular Netflix Series, Emily in Paris creators also described the situation and told how she got shocked over the I may Destroy you not get a single nod. She addressed this situation in the Interview by saying, “Now, am I excited that Emily in Paris was nominated?” she said. “Yes. Of course. I’ve never been remotely close to seeing a Golden Globe statue up close, let alone being nominated for one.

“But that excitement is now unfortunately tempered by my rage over Coel’s snub. That I May Destroy You did not get one Golden Globe nod is not only wrong, it’s what is wrong with everything.”

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