Why Godzilla Should Have Won The First Fight Against Kong

Why Godzilla Should Have Won The First Fight Against Kong-

Godzilla: Updates, The victory should have belonged to the King of the Monsters in the first fight between Godzilla and Kong, which eventually ended in Kong’s favor. The very first fight had occurred in the 1962 crossover movie, King Kong vs Godzilla, and it was the first and only time that the two pop culture icons had clashed on the big screen.

Well, King Kong vs Godzilla was the third movie for both the monsters. At the time, Kong was owned by RKO, who had agreed to lend him to Toho for the film, which became the first of many Godzilla movies to adopt a humorous, kid-friendly tone.

Why Godzilla Should Have Won The First Fight Against Kong

The story saw King Kong playing the hero when Godzilla went on another rampage. The two had three encounters in the movie. when Kong emerged, this was interpreted as a loss for Godzilla, but since he lives in the depths of the ocean. Years later, Toho had laid debate to rest with a synopsis that labeled Kong the winner.

Well, the Godzilla fans were disappointed with this outcome and for a good reason, Godzilla should have defeated Kong and become the winner. Putting aside the fact that Toho had to give Kong a massive size upgrade so that he could match blows with Godzilla, Toho also gave Kong a strange new ability so that he could be the winner. Well, earlier, in the fight it was clear that Godzilla was physically superior. Plus, Godzilla’s atomic breath proved to be devastating against Kong.

It is important to point out that Godzilla had already triumphed over Kong prior to the final battle. King Kong was beaten and was lying on the ground when a sudden thunderstorm gave him to recharge and provided him with a second wind. Kong then gave Godzilla his electric punches but Godzilla appeared to be vulnerable to these attacks, even though he did not display weakness to electricity in Godzilla or Godzilla Raids Again.


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