Why do people believe in the Supernatural? Mysticism in Literature


Every day people all over the world experience events which they put out as supernatural events. Such events and beliefs have been the basis of many religions worldwide, from Christianity, Hinduism to Buddhism. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself, what causes people to blame some occurrences on the supernatural? Or what is a paranormal? And how old is the belief in ghosts?

Almost every person in the world believes in a supernatural being, maybe angels or even ghosts. Study shows that the human mind is hardwired to have beliefs since birth. Through research and free online essays, we have gathered facts about the Supernatural that will blow your mind. The online site’s database contains essay samples on Salem witch trials and other mystics topics discussed in this article. You can also get assistance for your essay paperwork whenever you require such issues.

The Supernatural

The Supernatural entails a phenomenon that is not bound by natural laws. Supernatural manifestation or occurrences require the bending or breaking of physical law, which fall attributed to non-physical entities, such as gods, angels, and demons. Claimed abilities provided by such beings are also termed as supernatural, for example, telekinesis and magic.

The Paranormal

The paranormal understanding is the phenomena spoken of infamous folks and cultures that have no scientific explanation. Examples of metaphysical beliefs are those that entail ufology, the pseudoscience of hunting ghosts, and cryptozoology.


Mysticism is being one with God; it refers to many altered states of consciousness which provide meaning to different religions. Mysticism can be either theistic, monistic, or Panathenaic:

  • Theistic includes Christianity, Jewish, Islamic and Hinduism Mysticism
  • Monistic is unifying one’s soul, and it includes Buddhism
  • Panenhenic is all other forms of Mysticism that remain

The best works of Mysticism to use in schools would be Theistic and Monistic as they are adapted in many regions. Before reading any mysticism work, you can always check out different essays online to see what it entails.

Why do we believe in the Supernatural Till this Day?

While orthodox beliefs seem to be declining in the 21st century, beliefs in supernatural beings and events seem to be the same even after a long time. In Britain, this very evident as most people in this region are likely to believe in ghosts more than they even believe in a divine creator.

Here are some facts that could explain why supernatural beliefs are still strong to date

Human minds tend to react to situations either rationally or reactionary. Reactionary is when the mind thinks in haste and mostly makes mistakes, but rational thinking is when you take some time to process. Due to evolution, a lot of humans tend to be reactionary thinkers. Take, for example, a man in the forest who hears some rustling in the bush. Chances are he is going to run, thinking that it might be a predator. But the rustle might be caused by a rat or a bunny. Hence humans fall victims to misinterpretation a lot. Connections through unrelated data are also one of the reasons why people still believe in the supernatural. Hence you will find someone saying that a recently deceased person made contact with them. Pareidolia is a case where people still see objects or patterns in things, for example, faces in the clouds. Hence they end up seeing ghosts where there are none. There is also a condition whereby people assume that an event happened due to a supernatural being hence intentional bias.

How have the Supernatural and Paranormal Beliefs affected our Culture?

The supernatural affect many different cultures due to the fear of the unknown. The constant droughts and evil occurrences are mostly related to the paranormal as punishment for going against their will. Hence cultures all over the world a bid by different beliefs at all times. Such traditional beliefs include:

  • Life after death
  • Holy plants
  • Fasting

What Supernatural Impacts are still Present to Date?

Supernatural beliefs impact the daily lives of people in many different regions. Take, for example, the different Mysticism worldwide, from Judaism to Christianity; most of them believe in life after death, which links to the supernatural.

The set rules against witchcraft in many Mysticism regarding it as a call to evil Supernatural. To know more about such occurrences, you can always check out different essays online on Mysticism and witchcraft.

Different Mysticism also has holy places and objects which are strongly related to the supernatural. It has led to the improvement of the impact of supernatural beings on people in the 21st century.

Historical Facts Connected to the Mass Insanity on Believing in the Supernatural

In the past, some beliefs were so strong that they caused mass insanity; let us look at some of these events:

Salem Witch Trial

The Salem Witch trial occurred back in 1692 and 1693 in Massachusetts. More than two hundred people were accused of involving themselves in black magic. Twenty of those found guilty were executed. Later on, the colony discovered that they were wrong, hence compensated the families affected. The story is a clear indication of how people act upon paranoia due to the fear of the supernatural.

The Miracle of the Sun

The miracle of the sun occurred in May 1917 in Portugal, where two young girls claimed that the Virgin Mary had given them an apparition. Afterward, many different people started claiming that they were visited by Mary, which raised debates on October 13, 1917.

The girls said that on that day, Mary would visit them and perform a miracle. When the day arrived, different people claimed contrasting phenomena such as the sun dancing and trembling. However, many people also said that they did not witness anything.

After a lot of research on the issue, researchers concluded that the amount of time spent staring at the sun caused the unusual phenomena described by different people.


Everyone has different beliefs, from going to heaven to reincarnation. These beliefs set our way of living on earth, hence do not abandon them as long as they make a difference in your life. We hope you have gotten all the answers on how to study the supernatural and the paranormal in this article.