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Why Director Returns HAN in Fast and Furious 9 ? See The Reason Inside the Story




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Action movies like Fast and the Furious franchise, which do not allow themselves to high-notion, rule-bending universe-building similar to the science-fiction, fantasy, and superhero genres. And yet, the ninth Fast and Furious film, F9, the initial trailer for fan-favorite persona Han Lu (a.k.a. Han Seoul-oh) is probably pierced from the grave. Many fans of the news are excited – and it should be because Han’s answer is due in large portion to him.

This was unusual to see a figure returning from a dead case. The narrative lives in exile following the cover of the narrative, such as Walter White or Tony Soprano, of course. But to come behind fully? It acted very strangely.

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In a recent interview with MediaCake, F9 director Justin Lynn revealed that after coming back from the Fast franchise in 2013, the idea of a new story combined with comments from hardcore fans gave him his longtime collaborator and Motivated as an actor and inspired to return to the company. Together. Of Han.

I’ll travel and just meet the franchise’s people and fans, and they’ll tell me why they love the franchise so much and just share their stories, “Lynn said.” And also, I had not seen the other two films. , And I was together in a Q&A for Lin and Kang’s first film] Better Luck yesterday and someone brought ‘Justice for Han’, and so all these things were like working together. “

Oddly, Han’s F9 appearance would serve as his second revival. The Han Seoul-Oh character debuted in 2006 Tokyo Drift and became so popular that director Lin incorporated the Fast and Furious franchise timeline into future chapters. In an interview with EW celebrating the 10th anniversary of Tokyo Drift in 2016, Lin and actor Sung Kang stated that the nomadic, silent observer story with deep pockets goes back to the director’s first feature film.

The #JusticeforHan hashtag was started by former Fast and Furious villain Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) as an ally in place of Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel). Stop. In the sixth Fast installation, Shaw reveals the back of Han’s alleged death in a raging car accident at the end of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

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