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Why Better Call Saul Season 6 Is Better than the other famous show, Breaking Bad?

Better Call Saul just finished their fifth season, and it is safe to say that we can now also judge it all properly. That is too against their predecessor or we can also say the sequel Breaking Bad.

Even though the show still has one reason for them remaining, it also feels like Better Call Saul is now on their way to surpassing Breaking Bad! For the fan, yes, it may seem a very strong statement.


Most of us know that after the third season, the show Breaking Bad took off. But, that was because some of the amazing characters were also introduced in the show. 

It was also the season when we also first got to see Bob Odenkirk’s, Saul Goodman. And this and some more characters were the best part of the show.

Everyone loves Bryan Cranston as the role of Walter White and also Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. But, Saul, Mike, and Gus took the whole show to their heights. 

Those characters were even more interesting and they even had greater depth than Jesse and Walter. And that is what makes Better Call Saul more interesting. It also took those amazing characters and also made an incredible show out of the whole thing.

The thing about Jimmy McGill in the show Better Call Saul is that his arc is even more gradual than Walter’s.

In the show Breaking Bad, Walter White’s tipping point in his life was his cancer, which also initially had him worried about his family. But, then with Saul Goodman, it is a much more gradual fall from Grace.

Better Call Saul also explores how the character Jimmy gradually descended into becoming the Saul Goodman, and it was not the one event.

It was a lifetime of belittling from his brother, Chuck McGill. Chuck was his main moral anchor, much like the Skylar was for Walter White.


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