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Why Ben Affleck did not star or direct The Batman?




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Ben Affleck had played his role of Batman very well in the movie Superman VS Batman. Although the storyline was not liked by the people I must say that he was dedicated to the role of it. The actor then onward decided not to play the role of Batman. Now, he could be a part of the upcoming Batman played by Robert Pattinson by at least directing the movie. But, it might seem that there might be a reason for it.

One of the most promising elements of Ben becoming the Dark Knight that we never got to see though was a self-directed movie from Ben Affleck called The Batman, which for a while he was co-writing with comics superstar Geoff Johns.

Now, the movie stars Pattinson as a Dark Knight in his early days- a big change from Ben’s older, wearier caped crusader. Even though Ben stepped down from the directing, though, and Matt Reeves took over, Ben Affleck did not officially leave the role of Bruce Wayne until Jan 2019.

The Batman

With Ben Affleck at the helm, The Batman always seemed like a nice idea, especially after directing some great movies like Argo, The Town, and Gone Baby Gone. The Batman will now be a different movie, with Matt Reeves writing his script alongside screenwriter Mattson Tomlin. It is very unlikely that we will ever see the Affleck/Johns version of the script out in the wild.

Well, this is it, guys. The Batman will be releasing on June 25, 2021. Let us hope that Robert is also as good as Ben Affleck. We wish the best for him and also the whole team for their upcoming movie.

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