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Why Altered Carbon Season 2 Fans Roasted the Show?

Altered Carbon and their controversies. Who doesn’t know about it? The second season of the show which was streaming on Netflix is recently debuted on the streaming service. 

In it, everyone has witnessed a major change and that is the role of Takeshi Kovacs. In the first season, it was portrayed by Joel Kinnaman and now in the second season by Anthony Mackie. 


Altered Carbon season 2: Ratings from Rotten Tomatoes

The reason is none other than such major changes. Fans are not happy with the second season. The show currently has a 38% Audience Score with a 2.61 average rating from 708 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. 

You must be thinking, so what is controversial in it? Yeah, sometimes it happens with many shows! 

The disputed matter is not it’s a poor rating but fan’s expression of distaste in written reviews as well.


Here is every single detail of the things they wrote about the show. Have a look. 

Colin P. writes, “Terrible. They took everything great about Season 1 (sex, mystery, complex narrative) and reduced it to a punch-fest with no style. Completely disappointed.”

Diego V. note, “I just don’t understand critics. This second season is far weaker in every aspect of writing, acting, ambient and direction. If the protagonists of both seasons are the same person. They don’t feel like it. And I know the actors are different and come in par with the world-building, but this felt cheap and bad.”

Milos S. said, “The second season has committed the ultimate sin when it comes to shows such as this – it’s boring. The secondary characters (except Poe and Dig) were paper thin and forgettable. I think Mackie tried his best but in the end, even with Conner’s great performance, it just wasn’t enough.”

Michael B. writes, “Definitely pales compared to the first season. The world-building was lazier. The dialogue and delivery were off. It seemed like season 2 was an attempt to de sci-fi it and dumb it down for critics. Based on the improved ratings, it worked ….”

Frank J. penned it down, “This was a big step backward in storytelling. The first season was amazing but this was poorly executed from story structure.”

One of the followers Nick C. writes, “Mack ie is just not as convincing as Kovac in season 2. As misogynistic as it is, also disappointing that this season isn’t the erotic escapade season 1 was. The storyline is more predictable and little character development. Overall not as thrilling as the debut season”.

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